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Digging Into Core Issues

You’re managing… Does it feel like just barely? It wasn’t that long ago that you felt staggered by the amount of energies coming at you. Your advice was to take what was in front of you at the moment and deal with it, with the flexibility to shift as needs arose. If you haven’t had the time to sit back and catch your breath, that’s understandable. But relax. Know that this temporary set of circumstances you find yourself in are part and parcel of the thing that’s come at you needing more than average attention. Why? Because we’re all digging into core issues that are so deep, they go beyond the level of the personal into the interpersonal. Each individual plumbing the depths to get at the source of the issue of the moment is hitting the bedrock at which all individuals have an energetic investment in the functioning whole. Dare yourself to go deep now. This is where the gold is… not just for your own karmic satisfaction, but those to whom you are connected in this (and other) lifetimes.

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Digging into core issues can be dirty work. You might feel like your well-assembled suit of golden armor you’ve worn for the victory parade has lost its shine. It’s back to the stalls for you, to get yourself cleaned up, and wouldn’t you know it, the time has slipped into such a tight gear that there’s none left to duck undercover to tidy yourself. No matter now, for what needs to be done will be done, and once all the dirt is shaken out and off and left behind, you’ll be back on track. The question is, will you regain your former glory? Well, that depends. Do you want to go back to who you were, or do you take the dare to walk confidently in the direction of what could be your nemesis? If the former, well, as we like to say, it’s been nice knowing you. However, if you push yourself to meet what lay at the end of that dark corridor of core issues, we guarantee you’ll have a new shine. Most likely, it will be the kind that comes from within. Polish your armor all you want, it’s the inner glow that people really take notice of.

Now, this is not the time to lose focus. You risk getting entangled in those carefully sorted threads of endeavor that you’ve been arranging as a nest of activity around yourself. Rather, this is a time to notice that you have already set up the focal point at which you need to aim your intent. If you’ve been paying attention to your soul’s nudgings, that is. How do you know you’ve done it? First, raise your head. Steady your eyes. Square your chin. Balance the competing factions in your brain and settle your vision in the zero-point of peace where the sine waves cancel each other out. Now, with calm and upright nobility, see what you can see. Forget the song and dance hovering at the periphery. When you’re digging into core issues, it’s all about keeping your finger on the pulse of your own heartbeat. Follow that, and trust that as you do, everything will swing into an elevated sense of normalcy. The new normal is just around the next bend. Not just for you, but for everyone.

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