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The Path of Perfection

Summary: The perfection inherent in the thing is the only quest on your mind. You’ve survived the trials that have further purified your mind and heart, and with trust in your higher attunement, you continue to greet those aspects of self that yet clamor for your attention. One thing at a time. You’re getting it done. Soon, you’ll be basking in that opulent and fertile state of being that comes with the satisfaction of a job well done. Stay true.

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Knight of Cups — Seven of Rods (reversed) — Nine of Pentacles

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With trust in higher attunement, you continue to greet aspects of self that yet clamor for your attention. You're well along the path of perfection. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X

FOUNDATION: Knight of Cups

With great care and intense focus, you’re bringing a grand creation out from the crucible of your heart. There, in the fires of transformation, your light is becoming refined, unclouded, purified. Now you carry a precious relic from your journey, ancient of days. It is a kind of gesture that you carry it now to the source, as an offering of all that you have endured to arrive in a place of promise and plenty. You are on the path of your birthright, a testament to your truth carved by your own soul’s chisel in the secret recesses of your heart. You have carried it forth in grace, and in attunement with a higher state of mind. Now you harmonize mind and heart within the surrender of yourself to this path; no longer simply before you, it is now under your feet, and there is no room even to consider turning back. Not that you’d want to. This is the moment you’ve been expecting for a long time. Proceed, knowing that you’re carried along by spiritual purpose, closer to perfection.

LODESTONE: Seven of Rods (reversed)

In digging into your core issues recently, you’ve come up against some pretty aggressive characters. Have you been successful in identifying them? It’s in giving a dark spectre a name that it dissipates, leaving you with the energetic dust of victory easily blown away into the dimension of forgive and forget. Except that you don’t want to forget this moment. You want to be fully present in it, eyes wide open, fully engaged in the demise of those aspects of buried impotence clamoring for recognition and release from the prison of time. Doubt, dissatisfaction, self-hatred, lack of fortitude… these are the ilk now calling you from the depths to meet their gaze in the mirror that they may be acknowledged and resolved into no-more. Don’t try to take on everything at once, dear one. There is no need to throw yourself into the pit. Simply parry with what reminds you of something you’d rather forget, and make amends with yourself. Forgive yourself for your imperfections, and you will recognize your perfection. That’s a big part of making it real.


You know that feeling you get when you’ve tackled a really odious task and come out reflecting on successfully getting the job done? Soon you’ll be feeling that again. We recommend that you allow yourself the luxury due such accomplishment. After all, it is no small task to polish the mirror of the soul, when you get into the gritty corners and the stubborn stains. We congratulate you in advance for what you’re in the process of doing, and we look forward to knowing your lens of self is becoming ever more crystalline in clarity and definition. It’s one thing to see the world through the lens of perfection; seeing yourself there is—if you’re brutally honest—a much more challenging thing. However, you’re getting it done and you’ll be able to feel more in tune with a world in balance and grace. The more you bring it home to roost in yourself, the more you’ll see it reflected everywhere.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“Perfection of experience is in understanding all in divine certainty of the oneness and omnipresence of the divine self. That requires a far-reaching dream of creating a future of balance, order and divine understanding. How? By fearlessly experiencing all possibilities and understanding all as divine mind playing various games with creating love.”

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