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What Were You Thinking?

Wake up… You have to rouse yourself from the dream at some point. Now is a good time to raise your head and see things as they are. Take stock in all the thinking you’ve been investing in keeping a thing alive. Sometimes, seeing things as hopeless is tantamount to giving yourself a new lease on life. Waking to a new reality is not the same thing as letting a dream die. It can be just as liberating as seeing your life turn out exactly as you expected, and more so. In releasing your hold of all those carefully crafted ideations of how things should be, or how they should have been, you acknowledge your freedom. But you are free to believe in what you want, you say… yes, this is true. But you’re also free to see yourself anew, to up your own ante, to give yourself the gift of neverending joy and wonderment in the unpredictability of the grand design. That’s the glory of forgetting that you already know the ending to the story. Now, rub the sleep from your eyes and get to work dismantling those tired old tales of safety and woe. There’s a new script being written, and you’re the main event.

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What would happen if you decided not to believe in all the “should”s in your life? Not only in your life, but in the world? Do you really think that everything would collapse, just because you withdrew your investment in that shared vision? Chances are, if the vision isn’t stable to begin with, it’s not going to last no matter how much magic and brouhaha you stuff into it. Somebody sneezes, and everything comes toppling down. Someone else says “Bless you,” and just like that, a new vision opens up, flooding the scene with full-spectrum light and an enhanced sound system. How likely is it that you have been keeping yourself at full throttle because you think you have to muscle your brain through a certain set of obstacles? Not only that, but that making your way through said obstacles is going to make you a better person? If you find that you’re exhausted just thinking about all that you’ve been thinking, it might be time to have another kind of think. You have one coming, it seems. Now is a perfect time to pull the plug on the track you’ve been following in the mental rat race. Detach, and observe. Don’t be afraid at what you might see. It may, in fact, be quite wonderful. You won’t know until you give it a try.

How best to go about unhitching yourself from the weight of thought constructs is to first catch your breath. Breathe. Consciously. Block out the sound of other people’s panting, raving, and bellowing. Raise the frequency adjustment meter a little higher, to the point that the prattle of worldly affairs settles into a gentle background murmur. With your inner senses more finely attuned, you’ll hear what you need to hear to guide you toward that first liberating step beyond the confines of a dark dreamland. A newly waking world awaits your bold entry. You won’t get past the threshold if you’re hanging on to worry. There’s no room for fretting where you’re heading. Let bygones be bygones and allow the murmurations to dissipate into nothingness. Come out of hiding and let your light shine. Shadows scurry as the world wakes up. Ready? And how!

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