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Review Leads to Revelation

Summary: Take advantage of a turn of the tide to review what kind of beliefs you’re still carrying, unawares. Take a good look, and be honest. Then be ready to throw the ballast overboard, and ready to do the due diligence required to get you into that comfortable seat you’ve been waiting for. Re-assess your stipulations for success and see if you can align yourself with a pure vision of just doing the work. That means facing what arises, and seeing illusion for what it is. Evolution.

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Six of Swords (reversed) — King of Pentacles — The Moon (reversed)

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Review your core beliefs about success, what you do to achieve your goal, and what you fear the most. Chances are, you're ready to drop some ballast. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Six of Swords (reversed)

Moving into the future requires letting go of the past. You’ve been working at that as best you can, yet for some reason you can’t shake, you feel like there’s something yet to be resolved. Review. There’s nothing wrong with taking a long look from a long perspective. While you’ve moved on, you have not yet arrived. Things are not yet settled. Gaining the long perspective from having heeded the call to move will allow you to see something that had before escaped your vision. Keen as you’ve been to tidy up your picture of reality, things just won’t fit if you don’t get back in the boat and revisit some old beliefs. Time to cut. You won’t lose your momentum when it comes time to swing around and head for shore, but it may be that the source of the momentum changes. Time to gather up all your ideas about what’s right and real and be ready to throw the ballast overboard. Is it better to be right, in your mind, or to be where your soul has a new adventure waiting for you? Old maps won’t serve, where you’re heading.

LODESTONE: King of Pentacles

If you align yourself now with the fundamental energies that lead to success, you might find yourself finding the way there. The path of wisdom, diligence, methodical application of smarts, and unwavering faith in yourself land you in the seat of plenty. Have you been missing the mark of late? It may be because you need to redefine your basic understanding of what success looks like, and what it takes to achieve it in full-blown lavish wonderfulness. Review your core beliefs about money, success, and enjoyment. Look anew at what it is to give as much as receive, and to not shy away from the ultimate philanthropic drive to share the bounty. It takes a discerning eye to get to that pinnacle, and not at the cost of your soul. In fact, it’s by effort and intelligence, and by trusting your inner vision to shape your outer world. There’s plenty to enjoy. Enjoy the work it takes to get there, and be willing to do the inner work as much as the outer.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: The Moon (reversed)

For your own good, it’s worth letting go of an illusion you’ve been clinging to. It may be a subtle thing, you know, not some blaring, emblazoned-on-your-tee-shirt kind of belief. A secret understanding you’ve been quietly using to justify your activities can be just as powerful as a technicolor placard, when it comes to excusing yourself from an evolutionary process instigated by your own soul. Doing the work means facing what appears. Succeeding at the work means seeing the shadows as plays of light, illusions for what they are. All of reality shifts in that process. Listen to what is being whispered and trust that you can understand. What may not yet make sense soon will, if you are diligent in tending your path and honest in your review of your inner arsenal of demoralizing excuses. If you believe in anything, believe in yourself. You are, after all, an amazing interdimensional conduit of divine life-stuff.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“As you come to more of the same conclusions about certain realities you manifest unconsciously, you do not necessarily learn anything new. More than you like to admit, you rarely allow yourself to form new conclusions about old habits of thought. To do so requires a total upheaval of comfortable, if misery-inducing, modes of belief. Enter chaos. Just as the cells in your body are chemically programmed to die after their integrity becomes compromised, so your mind, prompted by the soul’s need for a new rut to be formed, introduces chaos to dissolve reality and allow a new one to form.”

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