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How to Solve the Puzzle

Are you there yet?… Well, that’s been an interesting trip into the deep past of psychic adventures. Digging into the well of memory yields a lot of food for thought. Again and again, you have accepted the challenge posed by the past and thrown yourself headlong into the path of grappling with some souvenir that needed to be tossed over the river’s edge. From the bridge you’ve been building to the life of your dreams, it seems like you’ve already pushed a lot of baggage over the railing. Everything extraneous is gone. Yet you have gone deeper recently, and without much effort come to face something shapeless, formless, and without substance. Something so well camouflaged, it had rested indistinguishable from your own breath. Have you yet come to grips with it in its full unfurled, billowing visage? Rest in the moment of giving it the heave-ho, for this one is something that rests next to your very bones.

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As much as you’ve added up and done your subtractions, you haven’t yet solved the puzzle your soul has given you to ponder. Despite your best attempts to cleave to a world new in the making, full of promise, grandeur, and luscious visions, yet there seems to be something that just hasn’t settled. Of course, when confronted with 2 plus 2 equaling three or five, you can feel the cold fingers of insanity creeping at the edges of your brain. Rest easy, now, and give your mind some breathing room. Everything that you need to solve the puzzle is revealing itself in a very cunning manner. Step away from activity for a moment and let the past few days give you a review of themselves. What has been happening on the micro level of your daily life has a story to tell that relates to the bigger picture. If you pay attention, you might pick up a theme that will give you the clue you were missing.

Trusting the plan to make sense requires a leap of faith and a jump in logic that can leave you frozen in time, lost and without a dependable compass. As if all of the magnetics of your world have gone haywire, you’re finding yourself plunged into a reality stripped of the physics you’ve come to know and trust. You’re in a world that suddenly makes little sense and aware that your mind is using an outdated operating system. You may not have planned on this eventuality, but here you are at the edge of something completely out of the realm of puzzle-solving normality. Even given the latitude you have been working with, in regard to your chosen array of sense-making paradigms, truth being what it is you are confronted with something beyond your comfort zone. Here’s a hint. You can indeed solve the puzzle, if you raise your eyes just a big higher and stop looking at things the way you’re used to doing. Really, it is time to unlatch. Something wonderful awaits.

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