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Within the Chaos Are Crossroads

Summary: Ssh. Remember the power of your words. Right now, you’re in a space of amplification of energies, so tread lightly as the winds of change blow. From within the chaos of shifting frequencies, find the point of balance, silence, integration. In that space, all mysteries will be known, and new life initiated.

(Note: I’m posting this week’s cards a day as tomorrow I’ll be busy with an offline project)

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Knight of Swords (reversed) — Two of Swords (reversed) — The High Priestess

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The background frequencies are shifting, yet within the chaos is the seed-sound of pure being. X marks the spot at the zero-point of the heart for you now. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Knight of Swords (reversed)

Winds of change are blowing in from the future, scattering the threads that keep coherence aligned with intent. As a result, the method of delivery from the inner reaches of your mind to their expression is, right now, capable of posing a challenge to any who hear your words. Now, as the intention remains to bring forth your inner light unscathed through layers of occulted memory, you must remain vigilant, valiant, and true. However, within the chaos of a moment of shift, you risk being off-balance long enough to miss the target of transformational evolvement of your message. Likewise, you can mistake a target in the lensing effect of temporal intensification. Let the winds blow, and allow them to meet no resistance from you. Find your inner latticework of energy-made-real and breathe into the interstitial space between atomic stasis. Energize yourself with purity borne of truth, and trust the gear-shift adjustments that happen now. Time is shifting to accommodate a greater vision. There’s no need to push what’s already well underway. Remember what’s important here, and act in the honor of love.

LODESTONE: Two of Swords (reversed)

You have oppositional inputs feeding you with information that cannot correlate with reality. In the absence of a juxtapositional melding of radically different points of view and methodologies, your instinct is to seek integration at a higher level. You do well to follow that, and retreat into the sacred machinery of heart. It is there and not the mind that integration is best effected, for the transdimensional drumbeats bring the necessary jostling of harmonics into a new and needed understanding. X marks the spot at the zero-point of the heart for you now. Retreat, and allow yourself to become attuned to the wavelike rhythms of consciousness whispering wisdom within. Find your inner balance. It is easier now to do. Be clear with yourself, especially if you feel the urge to force understanding from one perspective or another. Know who you are, and get serious about trusting yourself. The background frequencies are shifting, yet within the chaos is the seed-sound of pure being. This is your beacon. Will you allow yourself to entrain to it? It’s the surest way through an abundance of informational data points toward a trustworthy end.


The strobe of duality plays with light and dark to break down illusion into discrete particles of time. Deep within the inner world of knowing is being, and the potential of realities to be born. In the silence of contemplation of the fundamental refraction of vibration that gives shape to your now-moment, you find absolute balance, and within that, absolute knowing. You have the power to shift, to turn the mechanism of time and truth to reveal an opening into a new dimension of reality. Following the treasure-map to the point in the heart where the secret of time rests imperturbable within the chaos, your own change in perspective facilitates the widening of an inner aperture that leads home. You can find the way to the source of your current journey’s launch, and from there you can discern the codes to follow to fulfillment of your mission. Right now, stay on target toward the crossroads of the heart. Mysteries are to be revealed, and you’ll be in the perfect still-point to know exactly what comes next.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“From the beginning of your universe, all of creation balances itself. All things are of a nature which seeks balance, harmony, and simplicity. All things are of a fractal nature, too. The anchor to the boat of seeming balance is a page of nonsensical mathematical formulas cascading over the edge of reason and sanity. Rising from the depths of the ocean it powers across is a leviathan against which no vessel can maintain balance: Chaos, satisfied only with distance, power, and ramming itself as deeply as it can into a love-doubting area of consciousness. Humans do not understand the outside influence Chaos remains long after your attention has become fixed on marauding distractions. If you did, you would remain a staunch, cozy ally to raggedy old Chaos and have a nothing-but-random attitude yourself. It is the only way to maintain sanity in the multi-dimensional universe you are about to discover.”

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