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Will You Win the Game?

Mind is alive… Activity is firing on all cylinders, yet something’s not connecting. Before you scream in frustration at the intensity of what’s happening inside your head, take a break. Remember, things will get done, but only if you do one thing at a time. That which comes up as most important for the moment will be obvious, and the rest will happen in turn. Given the circumstances, not only is this the best you can do, it’s really the only option available to you now. Go with what comes, and know that fighting the system that’s stepping up as The Way is only going to lead to more aggravation. Stay engaged without jumping into the grinding wheels of time’s imminent change of gear.

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The last thing you want to do after working your way up the rocky slope to get where you are is to lose your balance. Grounding now is important, so you don’t feel your feet slipping out from underneath you. You’ll need both feet firmly planted on higher ground if you’re going to get the best of your own mind’s activity. You’ve almost won this round. This moment has arrived to test yourself against your own worst demons. Will you win the game? Time will tell, but the odds are in your favor, if you can manage to hold your ground and not bend to the lower levels of operation.

Like pistons churning in an engine, one after another predicament is presenting itself to you to deal with. Should you lose sight of the humor inherent in the situation, you’ll have lost an important edge in the moment’s engagement. You’ve earned the right to laugh at yourself, at least, but right now, it’s a laugh of triumph and not derision, nor even irony… though irony is certainly making an appearance in unexpected ways. If you can maintain your focus on what’s happening right in front of your nose, you might very well see how great a teacher irony is, and how it can lead you to some interesting conclusions. It’s a neat way to tie up a package that’s a long time in the making.

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