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The Intention and Blessing of the Timeless Now

Summary: Movement has begun, and life is taking on a new form, one that has been given the shape of things to come by virtue of the intention and blessing you have given. Having dropped pretense, you discover that everything you thought had to be won by force now comes naturally, with grace. You find yourself within a point of power, and a point of choice. What you do next will be determined by what you discover within. Past and future determine each other.

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Ace of Pentacles  — Strength — Two of Swords

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A dynamic is set into motion; now you have the wherewithal to give what is needed. By the end of the week, it will become apparent you're at a choice point. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Ace of Pentacles

The seed has sprouted and you have seen the results of having planted it with intention and blessing. As what you have nurtured with your heart has gained in bringing material resonance into form, you are just beginning to see the shimmer of promise reflecting your dreams. What light have you given of yourself into the potential that you dropped with faith that everything was in accord for optimum growth? It is this glimmer of hope, that half-whispered intention and blessing that you gave freely, that you see now shining unmistakably before you. A dynamic has been set into motion, and now you have the wherewithal to give what is needed, despite your past labors, despite your fears of what may be. None of that figures now. The movement is up, beyond, and from within the secret vaults of life. Soon, a mystery will become clear. For now, allow your vision to settle within a joyful energetics of becoming.


Everything you need, you have. All that is within will supply your needs, and grace will ensure an effortless amalgamation of power, fortitude, and peace. Focusing within now generates an attraction current that raises your understanding to levels that open doors unknown heretofore. The true test of strength is not in control of will, exertion of force over another perceived to be in opposition to truth, or in standing unmoving in the face of the unexpected or the eternal. The true test of strength is in the entrainment to that eternal dynamic of beingness in witness to love without fear. What do you have to lose from allowing that you could gain by forcing? In the balance hangs resilience of spirit, and in self-recognition of your inner placidity all of nature finds itself reflected, safe, and in the presence of love. Letting your intention and blessing be for the dissolution of those illusions—and the belief in them—grants you access to the zero-point portal where dimensions collapse and limits cease to be. Within the recognition of this, timelessness hangs, and you gain the perspective of the divine observer lensed through the self-actuated consciousness you know as yourself.


By the end of the week, it will become pretty apparent that you’re at a choice point. On the one hand you can go the way that promises some comfort and fullness of familiarity. On the other, you can open yourself to the full force of your intuition pouring out upon you, yet open as well to some vulnerability. Your mind fully engaged to ward off the potential pitfalls of either way, of complacency or abandon, you remain waiting to see what happens. Nothing outside will change until you have finished your contemplation, for it is the force of mind that is going to move you in the direction of your choice. Moving forward has within it the desire to return to the familiar. Coming out of the cave of comfort brings with it the urge to trek into the unknown. Either way, you will have to do something. Things as they are are demanding you to take a long, hard look within and see what you need to do. Secrets will show themselves to you if you are honest with yourself, and still.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“Creation is an act of surrender to dream-state awareness in which you arrange your own pulsating frequency according to that which you desire and believe possible. Breathing with the intention of breathing in light causes you to be attuned to color-coded frequencies of light, which in turn colors your creative reality. If you focus on breathing in light which corresponds to the frequency range of the color orange, your creations will all be coded with orange light. On the other hand, if you focus on breathing in light which corresponds to the frequency range of the color red, your creations will all be coded with red light. And so on.”

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