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Sacred Arrival, Now

Time of arrival… The ritual is nearly complete, to the satisfaction of those who watch from the edge of reality. Within the sacred circle of the life that you have given yourself, you have reached the edge of the world. You stand poised to bring into final balance those essentials which you have carried through the fire of initiation. All has been stripped from the core, leaving only the dowsing rods of illumination. The dance is leading you to an undisclosed secret, an arrival in time and space where you will have witnessed the magic of completion. You’re ready to take the next step, and with the gathered energies swirling into place around you, the edge of what you know brings you to the end of the path. However, the trip is a cycle. Ending marks beginning. Life takes new form.

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Angels are watching over your shoulder. Elemental spirit energies of your lineage and allies are supporting your journey. Kaleidoscopically aligned stories are focusing on a surprise ending… a cliffhanger that’s going to make you eager to pick up the story after this chapter ends. It’s a new tale altogether, an ageless, ancient myth of eternal creation of self. Through self births a new world; as you bring yourself into balance, you create a new iteration of yourself, a new you. The dance’s intricate movements saturate the substrate of reality with meaning and significance. This moment is about the arrival of what you have been waiting for. Celebrate your success in bringing intention into alignment with natural movements of cosmic intelligence. The keys are now in your hands.

You have participated in a grand and complex circuit. The exploration has brought you into a sense of mastery over the elemental aspects of yourself, and an intuitive knowledge of the technology of fundamental reality-creation. Take your time now. All of time is yours, and obeys the movements of your hands. Each step you take now finalizes the ritual you set into motion eons ago, a dance of consciousness coming into being. Worlds are watching now, breathing with you in relaxed, yet focused intensity. This moment you are now entering is what you were born for. Remain dynamic in your interior mind, while allowing latent knowledge to reveal itself through your next movements. It’s a time of grace, and illumination, an arrival into the Sacred Now.


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    Yes, definitely a night of celebration :). Drawn back to this post; magnetic. Deep still night of celebration. Good to be back.
    Much love Maryann


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