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Midweek Update

Bend, Don’t Break

Easy does it… You really aren’t sure if anyone can understand the burden of responsibility you’ve undertaken in this lifetime. Can you finally be okay with that, and just do what it is you are given to do? After all, you can’t possibly understand the depths of travail others are dealing with in their journey. You aren’t really meant to. If you pay attention what’s yours and you really connect to your soul’s promptings, you’ll get it vicariously. Understanding will arise, and with it the potential for interpersonal healing. So carry on, and turn your eyes toward the road ahead. Looking hither and yon won’t help you other than to remind you that others are doing the same. If you do happen to catch someone’s eye, look with humility, knowing that the same grace that keeps you moving is also working for them.

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It’s all about taking responsibility for what’s yours and not taking what belongs to others. It’s about paying attention to the path ahead, and not getting off-track onto territory that others are treading. Swerving though your path may be, it is the direct one to your destination, and that is something that is best met with diligence and focus to where your feet are. Get grounded and point those toes forward. Rather than moaning about the enormity of what’s in your care, shoulder it ably as you are designed to do. Hoist that load and move out of your own way. It’s not going to move itself, and it’s not up to anyone else to do it for you. The harvest from your sown seeds is yours and yours alone to bear to where they are to be laid down as the prize: your contribution to destiny’s retrospective. What you do now will count toward the final reckoning. It might even give you a boost for the next phase of the journey.

If you have a lot of irons in the fire, keep an eye on which to pull out first. Don’t try to bend something into shape before it’s malleable. Go after those tasks that are ready to tackle. Have those conversations that are ripe for awareness to hold. Not before. Work with your work, not against it. Everything has its time. Respecting that will allow you to do those things that are coming due without dragging them into infinity. Lighten your load. Dare to speak the words that you’ve held, to have that meeting that you’ve avoided, to face facts that you’ve been fooling yourself about and clear the decks for a reality check. You’re nearly at the gateway to something new, something you can’t anticipate the nature of until you arrive and the door opens. Until then, move forward with care for yourself, for the task you have undertaken is something your soul is depending on you for, and helping you with in ways you cannot yet fathom.

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