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The Baby Turns, Ready for Birth

Summary: In the midst of questioning yourself, you come to realizations. What of your power, your resolve, your plan? Settle down and allow your awareness to settle on that thing you have recently discovered. You have the tool you need to get unstuck and moving. You’re nearly free from the junk that’s been jamming the wheel. Once you trust the shift from stuck-in-the-mud to smooth sailing, you’ll see a whole new you emerge. Everything is not as it seems. You are the very prize you seek. Now, can you hold all that glorious nectar? You bet you can!

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The Magician (reversed)  — Wheel of Fortune (reversed) — Ace of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

You're ready to see what's been clogging the system. Allow your emotional state to become more solid. What some see as a setback, you'll see as a gift. #pleiadian #tarot #presence Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: The Magician (reversed)

Now that you’re packed and ready, are you still so sure you want to go on this journey? What if it doesn’t go as planned? Without a plan, are you still sure to hit upon the kind of new scenery and adventures you crave? There’s no telling what’s on the itinerary. It’s as if the map you’ve got has been cut apart into pieces and taped together by a child. In assessing your current situation, you pause, tap your finger on your forehead, and go through the list once again. Have you forgotten something essential? Have you called ahead to make arrangements for your stay and safe passage? You know, none of this is grounds for such dire worry. Running in circles now trying to figure out where you’re heading or if you even ought to go is not getting you anywhere. It’s certainly not helping those who are following your trail find any sense in their own slice of the way. All right, settle down. You have this all in hand, you’re just jumbled about how to go about such a massive shift of gears. Relax. Re-center. For all your doubts, you know you have it within you to pull yourself back on track, or onto a higher track, headed to a soul-sanctified destination. In fact, you needn’t go anywhere at all. Remember, you have the key to unlock infinity. With that, there’s no need for accounts. Scrap the to-do list, write down that thing that’s keeping you from being where destiny is waiting, and cross it out. That should get things moving in the right direction.

LODESTONE: Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

Because you’re giving yourself an opportunity to redefine your journey, you may find some debris stuck in the works. Do not fret. Do not despair. You are ready to see what’s been clogging the system. That, in itself, moves you over the bump in the road that’s had your wheel stuck in a dizzy back-and-forth. Rocking your energy to the limit to get over the mass of resistance has drained you somewhat. But it hasn’t beaten you. Rather, you have been introduced to a new level of internal resourcefulness. Do you realize that you are holding a crowbar? Take a look at what you’ve recently picked up as a means of extending your reach into the world of interactivity. Get a feel for the reality of its presence for you, a sense of the perspective it affords when thoughtfully employed. Let the weight of it accentuate the growing awareness that rises within you that you are, indeed, on a well-planned excursion. From outside of the perspective of temporal linearity, it certainly falls within the realm of possibility that you know exactly where you’re going and that, come what may, you are perfectly equipped for it. Extras, you’ll pick up on the way. For now, apply that crowbar and wrench yourself free from the mud. Allow your emotional state to become more solid from the depths to the surface. What some might see as a setback, you’ll be able to see as a gift. Then enjoy the ride.


What happens when you trust can revolutionize your entire sense of self. Really. There is no means by which you can understand such a thing unless you experience it. It is the ultimate act of bravery. From a place of absolute chaos, where can you find that point of poise, grace, and balance? Within the patternless jumble of fluid reality, the center point is everywhere and nowhere. To rise from within the fluidity of time’s eroding flow, merely gather yourself in the thought I AM. Without holding onto that thought let it move from within to without, and with it rise. Allow what has been chaos external to become the distilled essence of holy presence. In your quest for the grail, do not become discouraged if the prize eludes your grasp. You are the grail. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will have a sense of fulfillment. Yet, remember that you are one of many who now rise from the unformed potential. You are one, of one, and everything within it. You are one and you are the other, to another who is one. Soon you will see many comprehend this paradox, even if, for a time, there’s no sense of grounding. Soon, that will become irrelevant, as you emerge. Trust yourself.


“Giving birth to yourself is always labor-intensive. It’s playful wording we use, but the point is that your mass consciousness as a species is in a rut of sensing your reality as a pre-determined logical, metrical progression towards a bloody final conflict and then the deafening silence of annihilation. Let us say this: If that is what you want, that is what you will get, but that is by no means the only logic that applies to your path, either collective or individual. The next note in the unfolding melody is determined by intention.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.


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