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Midweek Update

Sweep the Dark Corners Clean

Hold up a minute… It might feel like the right time to move on that great plan of yours, but there’s wisdom in reassessing how you got to where you are. There’s also some wisdom in taking another look at what it is you’ve concocted, because it might not be as you perceive it to be. So often, those ideas we spin into plans are nothing more than gossamer threads of illusion. The moon has brought some new angles of light to bear on the foundations of your current state of affairs, and that directly affects how successful you can be. In fact, what you have in mind is merely the dressing of a deeper activity that your soul has pushed into motion. Recent realizations have turned your attention to buried wounds and unfinished or unresolved experiences. Tend to those before you get involved in another project, no matter how close it is to your heart.

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The answers you seek within the structures you create lurk in the most mysterious of places. It’s not always in moving toward making something happen that your soul reveals its purpose. More often, it’s in the dark places you have to traverse in putting Tab A in Slot B.  Don’t discount the value of those little culverts and corners. They are as much a part of the structure as the wide-open spaces, the beams and walls and beautiful architectural features of your life. What are you creating now, and what are your eyes trying not to see? Surely, you can put all of your efforts into strengthening and beautifying your current project. You can move toward the nice picture you’ve created in your head. But to do so without minding the dark spaces is to put everything you’re working toward into jeopardy. Don’t do that. Be mindful, not mindless.

Bearing in mind the currents of energy and circumstance, you need not look far nor hard for something that’s worthy of your attention in such a way. All of creation is attuned to the same source from which you take form and life. Thus, all of creation is aware of the circles in which you think, act, and move. At least, as aware as you allow, through paying attention and releasing any notions of “not” that are out of sync with your optimal experience. Those would be thoughts that slither out of the dark corners. They merely seek your validation. It’s up to you to say whether they need to be part of your creation moving forward, or whether that particular corner is ready to be swept clean. Chances are, you have a broom handy. If not, construct one from the thought that you are ready to be ready for the next wonderful phase of life’s adventure.

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