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Weekly Message

A Moment to Assess the Situation

Summary: Background turbulence has brought a lot to the surface. You’re dealing with it, just, but what’s called for is to tap into a moment of calm. Lock into the peace below the surface, and you’ll become more aware of what joy awaits—even if you can’t quite get a read on it. In the moment between, where you hover now in expectation for “something” to happen, get clear about yourself. Open to allow change to have the most beneficial effect. While you prepare yourself for a much-anticipated shift in circumstances, don’t allow yourself to settle for what your mind alone has contrived. Dare to get deep, into the heart of the matter.

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Two of Pentacles (reversed)  — Eight of Rods — Nine of Cups (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Where you hover now in expectation for 'something' to happen, get clear about yourself. Open to allow change to have the most beneficial effect. #pleiadian #tarot #presence Share on X

FOUNDATION: Two of Pentacles (reversed)

Careful now. You might be right about some things. However, you might also be just at the limit of what you can do without making a misstep. Calm is called for, as the turbulence you sense in the background is very real, and on the rise. Your best bet is to stabilize internally through what works for you. Breathing is fundamental, so turn that into a solid pulsation you know you can depend on. If you struggle to do even that, just relax and drop into the deep undercurrents that lie far below the surface tension and tumult. There, silent, dark, invisible, their power is felt. This is where you’ll find the safe point of trust upon which you can both balance in the moment and move into the next. With all that you have going on, you don’t want to be left out of what’s developing. You’re part of the picture that’s unfolding and you have a place in the future. While that’s percolating, step into pace with your breath, with the depth of your divine core, that deep and silent reverberation that maintains perfect equilibrium beneath all the illusions that dance in your head. There’s no need to learn a new technique right now for dealing with the stress of change. Just go into what you know, which is being.

LODESTONE: Eight of Rods

Here comes energy. Movement. Change and all that it demands of you. Fortunately, your decks are surprisingly clear, if you consider the fact that you can simply be in the moment without worrying about what was and what is not yet. So consider that. Everything is subject to change, including your state of mind, so why not just prepare for it and allow for the rich fertilization that it brings? While you wait for what’s on the way, are you subject merely to suffer consequences? Of course not. Tune into the incoming frequency bands and see what inspirations arise. You can always adjust to put yourself into the most favorable light, internally, so that you can see where best to fine-tune your outlook. Consider this as well, for a moment, as you hover in time-lock: It might be that you are keeping real change at arm’s length because you refuse to make some internal shift. Recently, you had a tap on the shoulder, alerting you to some blind spot where your coat is snagged. No moving forward until you get yourself off the hook. Transparency demands that you acknowledge that no one got you caught in a spot of non-movement but you, yourself. Transparency also demands that you shift expectations to yourself in rectifying the field where you live as an energetic being. Get your frequencies straight before things get busy. Time will wait for you, at least for a moment, so you can catch up with your own story.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Nine of Cups (reversed)

If your dreams came true today, would you recognize them? Would you find them strangely lacking, despite all the things you’ve done to ensure your success in manifesting them? As you mull this over, we direct your attention to the space behind your dream-making machine. Your head has been busy making all the lists and sigils, the vision boards and positive affirmations, but have you dared to peek behind what’s been churning away? Do, because it’s most definitely something you’ll want to include in the picture of you in the best of all possible worlds. When your wishes do come to fruition, you’ll be gratified that you did. While you’re putting the best face forward in terms of hopes and dreams, steadfast in the background is the limitlessness of your heart. You can amplify your outcome’s happiness factor by considering some of the deeper aspects of your desires. You may crave change, but have you considered the roots of that craving? Whys and wherefores are multiplex in what they offer in terms of self-knowing and thus to self-realization. After all, you might conjure up something really juicy in your head and then feel at a loss for moving into the picture for real. While you’re doing the mental exercises and visualizations, remember to tap into the wellspring of eternity and divine currents, sub-currents, into the zero-point of joy itself. Expand into that and let the picture change accordingly.


“Nine is the number of the vibration of the show and gives all the players a high degree of aptitude not by making them change but by letting them change, as they wish, reality, perception, and space/time by letting their vibration rise in direct relation to the joy they can generate, by not dying to their soul’s quest for perfect love, even if that requires that they bid good-bye to a branch of reality they find comfortable or vital to their continued existence.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.


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    Very profound reading this week…. change comes from within is what I take strongly from it. Cultivating the vibration I’m giving out is the key to living in the joy of existence despite the circumstances of the external 3rd dimensional reality, which is ultimately illusory anyway! Namaste maryann


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