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Midweek Update

Destiny Calling, Are You Ready to Remember?

Heed the call… Can you finally admit to yourself that you actually have an idea of what to do next? Your soul, or a close approximation of it, has made it increasingly clear that you do. Remember, remember… you came fully equipped with a plan, engaged with those spiritual adjuncts prepared and ready to assist with upgrades and calibrations as needed. If you forgot that, settle down and reconnect. Despite what may have seemed to be detours, you’re right on track. Recent details have arisen that require your attention, of course, but that’s part of the arriving. Listen to your own advice and do what’s next. Recognize, respond, and rise.

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Coming clear with yourself has everything to do with honesty and nothing to do with hiding behind outdated versions of who you may once have been. You’re in a process of becoming, yet you are also already in perfection of being. At least in the mind of God, if nowhere else. There is a light within you, unsullied, radiant without burning, interminable, which is the essence of who you are. It’s showing. You cannot hide it any longer, nor can you hide from it, itself. It has found you and you have remembered. Now, touching just the edge of what it conveys through photonic array of encoded secrets of self-knowing, you know you are taking the form that had been prophesied by the primal knowing carried through lifetimes and lineage. Ancestry plays a part in your becoming, but even more so does your willingness to embrace your calling.

When you truly behold what’s before you, it’s natural to feel a mix of emotion. If you notice yourself being pulled in various directions at once, pay attention to those tendencies, and dare to get to the root of them. Your approach, at a moment of what well could be called divine revelation, is best made with reverence. It’s not every day you come to such a state of appreciation for what you’ve undertaken, in terms of agreeing to level up and get real with some aspect of your life’s purpose. So if you notice you feel pulled back in fear from truly embracing the moment, get to the core of that fear and let it transmute into faith. If you feel the need to protect your individuality, transmute it into expanding with determination to reveal new perspectives within. If you feel enthusiasm, follow your heart’s initiative and meet the hand of divine manifestation. Everything is in order for your arrival in a new realm.

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