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Keeping Secrets from Yourself

Summary: The prize is yours, if you dare venture to the turbulent edge of reality. Not the one you’ve dreamed up, but the one that’s tossing real clues your way. Whatever you do, know that you’re not without an audience. Wise up to the fact that your inner being knows exactly what you’re doing; there’s no getting away with anything less than total transparency. Something big is beckoning, and it might not be what you are entertaining in your head. Get clear on your intention by daring yourself to look at your source. You’re ignoring what’s got you jammed into a corner and out of the flow. Truth and full knowing await, but you’ll have to trust, and take a bold step from what you think you already know. That may mean acknowledging what you’ve had going for you all along.

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Ten of Pentacles  — Two of Rods (reversed) — The Star

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

The prize is yours, if you dare venture to the turbulent edge of reality. Wise up; there's no getting away with anything less than total transparency. #pleiadian #tarot #presence Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Ten of Pentacles

All finished? Time to count what you’ve earned from recent soul expeditions. Rack up what you gained and balance it against what you had to give to figure out what you’ve invested in yourself. What have you learned? If it’s all about what you already knew, maybe you need to reframe your question. Every time you dive into life’s experiential pool, you gamble. The only sure thing is to turn the attention on yourself. What have you learned about yourself? Ah, there we encounter riches! With part of your awareness locked into the concept of loyalty, and part of it locked into the generational continuum you have been born into, you can navigate through each encounter with life in clarity aligned with purpose. Be aware that your fortune is gathered in that turbulent area where reality knocks against dreams, plans, and wishes. Are you able to find a place of peace within that chaos? Are you aware that you’re being carefully watched? Eyes are upon you, from those who stand behind you as well as those who depend on you for a good future. Your own secret self is watching too, that totem of spiritual knowing that sees behind your every move and knows what your lenses are bending into comfortable view. Don’t let any of them down, and your treasure is guaranteed.

LODESTONE: Two of Rods (reversed)

Wherever you are in your plans, right now the swirling energies of time are calling you to cast a backward glance. More than that, to reconnect to origins. The dream you’ve concocted has yet to pierce the shell of its nascence, and you may feel time is running out. This is a perspective. In fact, time is waiting for you to meet it, so it can carry you on in a more coherent state than you may have been in of late. The pull of personal evolution has been great. If you feel torn, pay attention to where you’re rooted. Turn your gaze into the current and dare to see where it has carried you thus far. Before you move forward, assess the source and its trajectory. It’s all too easy to meander without a full commitment to the flow of soul-sourced motion. What’s just out of view, however, is that dependence on an anchor that’s firmly attached to what’s keeping you from diving into the flow of life wholeheartedly. It’s firmly clamped to a wall, and you don’t even notice why it won’t budge. It’s you that put it there, who anchored your own trust into the edifice that keeps you separated from what you feel drawn to. What you want may be at odds with what you’ve decided to lock yourself to. The trick, now, is to see that it’s not what you see but what you don’t see that holds you back. Are you really just not paying attention, or are you deliberately ignoring the fact?


Now that you’ve stripped down to nothing but your inter-world connection, you linger at the edge of consciousness itself. Barely grounded, you have a fix on a dream. Far out of reach, you have little hope of gaining what you wish for without the dynamics of full human beingness you’ve been cultivating. The time is near to decipher what you’ve been gleaning from nature and super-nature. Pause in this sacred moment, and reflect on the whys and wherefores of your journey, and the intention with which you have clothed yourself for the next phase of enlightenment. Are you really so sure of yourself that you can bridge the gap? Nothing is as important as paying attention, so guard against letting your mind and heart wander. This may be your greatest challenge, in fact, as reality itself is presenting a wide-open screen of potentialities to you. One has led you true. It is up to you to decide to see where that is. In taking the next step from the solid ground of your own garden, you’ll be immersed in knowing. Take care. What you don’t know lay just under the surface of what you perceive. You run the risk of total transformation. Either be sure of yourself and what you think you already know despite doubt or trepidation, or tune in to the light that’s right in front of you and carry it with you to the unknown depths. One way or another, you will find what you already have.


“Cash and pride are the motivators of Six, draining as much from one as giving to another in the perfectly balanced illusion of “only so much to go around.” Actually, had we been able to notify you earlier, we would have announced the secret of energetic infinitude, and you would have been merrily on your way to eating and enjoying as much as you wanted without a worry in the world. But because your soul requested non-interference from us on this point until we and you reached certain understandings about a waiting game you wanted to play, we remained silent, and on greed you focused instead.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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