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Midweek Update

The Matrix of Reality Is Shifting, and So Are You

Get in alignment… With so much happening at once, you have to get things in order, if you want to make sense of it all. Really, all you have to worry about it what you’re already dealing with, and “worry” has little to do with dealing effectively. So put worry aside, and merely move through the action of being with what you are doing. Simple, right? It is if you remember to maintain your balance, and remember that you know exactly what you’re doing, even if that part of your memory is still only operational on the level of intuitional knowing. Go with that, and hold steady. Grounded in this way, you’ll be more well aware of what you’ve already mastered. All of your repertoire is ready at hand for when you need it. In the meantime, rest in trust that it’s all coming together perfectly. What’s out of sight may be out of mind, but that’s a temporary situation. Information is on the way.

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What seems willy-nilly scattershot isn’t exactly so. It’s a matter of perspective, and more precisely a matter of point of view. Are you allowing yourself to adjust to conditions? Soften your hard lines in the face of expanded surfaces of information, and you may be surprised to see a new geometry come into play. What you observe is a pattern, yet without a complete picture, you can only connect the dots to a certain extent. The frustration that sets in when you feel you’re looking at a crazed spider’s web retreats into understanding as you move yourself in relation to the points you’re viewing. After all, you are one of the points in play. Forgetting that, you merely become a sidelined observer of all the other points moving in a meaningless plane. Engage with those things you’ve been jotting down on your lists, putting into long-term perspective, monitoring as peripheral “stuff” that you think you have to put aside while you take care of business. Your business is becoming; you are in the business of becoming. Profit from that understanding.

Now, trusting all that you’ve managed thus far to tuck under your belt as accomplishments and survived experiences, allow yourself to shift, guided by the waves of intuition that you sense in your groundedness. Close your eyes and take a deep, full breath. With it, incorporate the moment in which you are present. Feel reality shifting under your feet, but remain anchored in your sense of self. As you slowly exhale, maintain your awareness externally through an expansion of internal engagement with living time. Settle into that. When you open your eyes and reconnect with what comes into your visual field, you might notice that the scattered plot points are coming into alignment. Things are going to start making more sense as the distances between one point and another disappear into juxtaposed linearity of thought. It’s you that’s shifted, though paradoxically it’s only because you chose to be where you are in full self-awareness. The picture in front of you is taking on holographic depth. Watch what happens, and be ready to move with it.

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