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Your Presence Is Required

Summary: People, situations, and ideas may be the biggest distractions you have right now, but they’re all a function of what’s going on in your mind. Be on alert to what pulls you away from operational inner energy flow, and nail yourself down to the present moment. Be here and nowhere else. As you approach the final stages of total shift of your personal reality, take care of the loose ends that are asking to be dealt with. Smooth the way ahead by combing your energy clean.

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Page of Swords (reversed)  — Knight of Swords (reversed) — Judgment

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Tie up loose ends, comb your energy clean. There's no place for debris when the pieces finally come together for integrational rebirth. #pleiadian #tarot #presence Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Page of Swords (reversed)

What’s holding you back from really doing and saying what you really feel and think? If it’s a nagging fear, cast it aside. There’s no place for that, if you want to make your point. Isn’t that what you came here to do? Rather than talk-talk-talk, take an actual step toward making yourself heard. Even if you’re not used to what that particular experience is like, you soon will find out. You have something worth saying, but if you go off half-cocked, you’ll miss, mess up, and miss out. Some things, you can’t plan for. Some things require a plan. The way most things are right now, you stand a better chance at making it if you just go for it and make your plan as you move along. The path ahead of you is purposely hazy. Your attention is required in your feet, with your eyes taking in information and processing it meaningfully. Moving forward without every point on the map being accounted for does not mean plowing ahead blindly, so make sure you maintain awareness. Look past initial nervousness and let excess energy shake out. Realize that others are going through their own version of reality at the same time. Get real with yourself and look at things realistically as you move into a newly shaped reality.

LODESTONE: Knight of Swords (reversed)

Right now, this moment, what’s in front of you and what’s below you are what you need to dig into. Pin yourself to the ground below your feet and be really, fully, warily present. This is where things happen. This is also where lurk those things and people that sap your energy. That could simply be a plethora of activity, opportunities, or ideas, or it could be someone waltzing into the picture with those in hand. While it’s true that you have plenty to do, guard against getting ahead of yourself, and guard as well against well-intentioned others using your creativity as a fueling station. It goes without saying to make sure you’re using your own energy for your own ends, right? If you’re brimming to over-full with potential energy, return your focus to what grounds you. Your breath. Mindful movement. Don’t let wild horses carry you away, because here and now is where meaningful action happens. What happens now is going to position you for what lay ahead. You’re going to want a handle on your ability to pay attention for that. Take a breath, now, and get in touch with yourself.


It’s truly amazing what power is unleashed when you are fully present. Time itself opens up its secrets and reality puts in your hand the instruction manual for reconfiguration. Paying attention now to all the odds and ends of energy that you have to deal with in the various modalities of being is going to be the best way to get yourself into fully present awareness when the accounting-for comes into view. Before you can move into the new you, you have to be prepared to give voice to acknowledgment of who you have been. All bets are off when it comes to knowing beforehand what is to be as you move into a new reality. As it takes form, so do you make the delicate inner adjustments that bring you into alignment with the particular energetics you’re approaching, or which are wrapping around you. If you’re aligned with yourself, you’re undoubtedly on the right path. Take a little time now to tie up loose ends and comb your energy clean. There’s no place for debris when the pieces finally come together on the final approach to integrational rebirth.


“As many realize to their delight, being in two places and creating real live doorways from one Now to another is not so much a remembering of lost facts as it is awareness of knowledge you already possess. Dramatic crossing of realities really isn’t a problem. It’s a solution to large situational manifestations of and creations of faulty beliefs. Do not consider a problem to be a problem but rather an opportunity to do, do, do what you need now and cross a doorway from one reality into another.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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