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Midweek Update

King of Your Road

Take care of business… Mind the details and the big picture will come together in a proper and just way. You’ll do better following a path that’s got a track record than you will by setting out on a revolutionary, maverick ideation. Just for now, feel yourself sink into the solidity of what it feels like to have it all: your life plan (don’t worry if you don’t have one, as your soul has that well in hand), your achievements, your self-confidence. Think about it. You’ve already proven to yourself that you can thrive, given a chance and a lick of faith. There’s nothing to stop you from doing that again, in whatever arena you find yourself operating in. New boundaries represent new challenges, and challenge is just what you’re primed for. Had enough stimulation for a while? Challenge doesn’t have to rock your world in order to change it. It’s all coming together nicely.

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You’re drawing together all your resources, inner and outer, for the phase of change that’s upon you. Magnetically, things are becoming coherent, showing you how all the bits and pieces actually do belong in the bigger picture. Continue to be mindful of your breath and your actions. Let the words that ride on them communicate confidence to yourself as well as to others. Speak for yourself, and listen for the affirmation rising from within. Your soul is reveling in the creativity that discipline brings into focus. By aligning your present intention with energetic self-certainty, you will feel the power you have rightfully earned. If you feel less than up to the task, relax and know it’s all happening anyway. Everything you’ve done is coming to bear fruit. Your hard work is showing evidence of having given you some panache. Take it for what it is.

As you shift into cruising gear, settle in and enjoy the ride. See more color coming into the picture as you move into more lush landscape. Moving forward is moving inward, and moving inward leads to moving outward, where the glorious light that you have tended and nurtured through all the challenges you’ve met and conquered breaks free from the confines of your secret inner life into a waiting world. Don’t worry about being well received. That’s all part of the science underlying what your soul has been guiding you through, step by confounding, at times bewildering step. Trust the methodology that’s been written into your bones. The structure of what’s unfolding now is something that may already be proving to you that those things you’ve decided not to fear are already dissolved, and those things that you’ve always hoped for are starting to become tangible. Another dimension of your life is taking shape. Move into it with the majesty that’s naturally yours.

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