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Love One Another

Summary: In Six is the hidden thread of contention that cuts awareness off from true self-knowing. You’ll have the promise you seek, but not until you embrace that aspect of yourself that has you at odds with your own fulfillment. Flirtation with denial can become addiction to self-deception, cleverly hid in the most innocuous of guises. Look at yourself intently now, thread the needle with care. If it seems things aren’t in your favor, the question remains: are you in your own favor? Consider that before exaltation comes. It will come, and you’ll be in a better place to enjoy it with those who matter the most.

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The Lovers  — Justice (reversed) — Ten of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Step carefully, step mindfully. There's enough finger-pointing in the world right now. You needn't add your own reflexive criticism to the mix. #pleiadian #tarot #transparency Click To Tweet


There are times when you want to reach out and solve the world’s ills with the love you have inside. You sense the trouble in the hearts of your fellow travelers; you read it on their faces, and you hear it in the words uttered as casual remarks upon the situation. Your higher nature is calling you to pay attention now, for you are deep in the realm of Six. The promise of love is entangled with flirtation with denial. You’d be fooling yourself if you say you hadn’t noticed. Are you aware that the troubled heart is your own? Beyond the billowing clouds of obfuscation and regressivity, a winnowing begins to take place. Commitment to integrity is called to the fore. How will you fare, when your dressing is seen through and humble truth becomes the mode of expression? Do you not think it has already been noticed? You cannot any longer hide that part of you that’s wanting, even by the most eloquent and beautiful expressions of generosity. Yes, you have the ideas and wherewithal to make things happen. You also have some draining attachments keeping you in a state of inner war. If you’re finished with that game, now’s a good time to embrace your inner demons and integrate them, rather than entertain them. Or are you even listening?

LODESTONE: Justice (reversed)

What have you done? Whatever it is, it has contributed in large part to what you’re doing now. This bears some reflection, for if you’re to be totally honest with yourself, you have to see that what you’re dealing with is not completely about what’s been done outside of yourself. It’s more a matter of “by you” than “to you”. At least, the part that you can deal with directly is. While current conditions seem unfairly dealing you a tight corner in which to maneuver, be real in looking at how you have allowed that to be. Where have you been untrue to what you stand for? When have you betrayed your own core values? Careful, for to venture into this kind of self-examination is to enter a minefield. Step carefully, step mindfully. After all, you were watching when the field was sown. Get into alignment with remembering your true nature, and you’ll move with grace. And do be compassionate with yourself. There’s enough finger-pointing in the world right now. You needn’t add your own reflexive criticism to the mix.


In time, it may be that you stand with wonder at the glory of what you’ve managed to stitch together. Chances are, you’ll be filled to the brim—if not overflowing—with joy at what you behold. Before that happens, however, you’re called to thread the needle with great care. What you put into the picture that’s taking form determines in large part the vibrance and hue of the output. Don’t rob yourself of anything less than full saturation in the experience of fulfillment, when finally it comes time to show yourself and the world what you’re made of. And the deeper beauty lies in the magnanimity of soul that comes about when you share the glory with the ones who have been there all along. Even the tiniest of players has nothing short of absolute joy, for what little part they may play in the picture you’re creating, they’re at work on a creation of their own soul’s fabrication. Joy shared is joy multiplied. Put your trust in what’s to come by putting your heart and mind into that elusive passage to get there. Your heart knows the way.


“Beyond your wildest dreams is a place of unparalleled delight. Or a chamber of horrors, if that’s what you prefer. It is all up to you — after all, they’re your dreams, aren’t they? Be honest with yourself for a moment here. Are you ready to see your dreams in your waking life? Because the morning is fast approaching when you’ll wake up and see a new world in front of you. Now would be a good time to look at the collective dream of the people of Earth.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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