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midweek update

Commitment to Change

A welcome pause… Perhaps waiting is not your strong point, but right now, you feel the silence fall and the expectant hush that precedes the orchestra’s next movement. Now is a time to feel the poise of preparation. Let any rigidity melt away, along with any residual “hot” emotional energies, such as anger, resentment, or last week’s monstrosities. You have this. Feel the balance.

An air of expectancy begins to enliven the atmosphere. You can feel it interacting with your skin, your dreams, your awareness of the world around you. Are you actually in a dream? The solidity of your reality has reached a limit, in a way… a transition point where the realm of pure consciousness is all that separates you from a new reality. That point has perhaps a feeling of insurmountability, but if you pause and reflect, and walk up right to its edge, you might be surprised at how little an obstacle it represents. Perhaps, it’s because you have grown.

Stepping outside of your world, now, you feel the commitment to change that’s risen with your decision to see what’s in front of you with open eyes. A core energy of the world’s readiness to change is perfectly aligned with your own now. You’re intuitively in synch with that. Maintain steady focus, as the target frequency is in sight. The gateway is more open now than it has ever been.

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