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A Breakthrough in Rising Consciousness

Summary: In the waiting and holding on to truth, you’ve witnessed rising consciousness bring a transformational light to your reality. Suddenly, there is understanding where there had been antithesis. Revel in the discovery of the familiar, and turn your eyes toward higher understanding. Your soul recognizes this moment and you receive the wisdom you’ve waited for, just at the time when you are perfectly poised to channel that knowing to those who seek. You are an integral part in the rising consciousness. Heaven and nature sing the truths for a time of revealed truth. In trust, meet yourself in the other; in love see the future come into being. It is through the eyes of love that you will witness great things. Connect with the divine now through surrender to the Divine Feminine’s embrace.

Two of Cups — The Star — The Lovers

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Your soul recognizes this moment. It is time to rise and meet it. The separation of realities is on course. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet


Finally, the light is recognized! What had been separating you from the counterpoint of your beingness is met face to face, heart to heart, within the flash of a moment of knowing. Long have you waited for the rising consciousness to unlock the gate that had stood in between. Knower, you are known. With steady expectancy, you are ready to see beyond the obscurity of deception. You can see within the heart of another the light which shines in your own. This is the core light of divinity. This is the moment at which it is unobstructed by dogma, at which it can rush forward to unite with itself from a seemingly separate source. Finally, you have stepped beyond the edge of the game, and so has another. Risen power abides within the confluence of individuals shining in their own right finding joy in the recognition of self in other. The illusion of polarity may just be beginning to crumble. Surely, it cannot withstand the presence of love. The separation of realities is on course. There is much to do… together.


So many things are happening, on the one hand and the other. You are busy dealing with bringing balance to several streams of information, and your wisdom is called on now. After all, you seem to have your grounding within the rising consciousness; who better to bring understanding to a waiting, waking world? Listen, now, to the source of inspiration that calls to you. Take heed of those harbingers of truth that appear. Everything now has a certain tinge of light that brings even the simplest things alive with deep wisdom. Indeed, it is a cosmic knowing that seems to exude from everything around you. In this time of wonder, remember all that you have been baptized with, the knowledge you have allowed to open your heart and mind and give you new life and new understanding. You are not a novice to the ways of love’s mysteries, and the song that you sense from the networks of light within the shadowed sky bears something familiar. Your soul recognizes this moment. It is time to rise and meet it.


With recognition having brought together that which has yearned for union, the separation between factions of reality dissipate. A new reality is coming into being just as another is being mourned, yet in the singularity between joy and grief, a sense of the otherworldly makes itself known. Ahead is a time to comfort others and to find comfort, to observe and to release, to rest, to open higher levels of awareness, and to find completion in what was missing. The days ahead are already revealing a blessing. It is just the beginning, however; many things are yet to be sorted out, choices made, options considered. You are well advised to value what you have found, and to give heed to streams of highly refined communications. The theme continues of separation falling, of discoveries in the beyond of what had been, of unknown dimensions of reality being known. Listen, attune, and in that find the balance needed to go boldly forward, transformed by love’s gift. The Divine Feminine is listening to Divine Source. Pay attention and stay connected.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“Seeing the light is powerfully transformational. People are needful of crowning themselves with glory or dishonor based on which side of the question they come out on. Energetically, it is most advantageous to have a crown of glory, for light naturally has a dark side, but dark is by definition without light at all. The choice is always available but, before many days quickly pass, it is a good idea to think about which side you truly angle yourself toward.”

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