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Incoming Energies

Wait for it… An onrush of incoming energies is set to touch down imminently. Keep an eye out for things happening, and remember to ground yourself so you don’t get knocked off-balance. These are clearing the way for a bright new day to show itself, in a new light. Just get through what’s unavoidably going to happen, with forgiveness, acceptance, whatever the situation calls for, and instead of getting pummeled, you’ll experience rejuvenation.

You made the initial piercing of the shell already, by allowing your thoughts to rise and become free from baggage and dullness. In fact, the only way to make a hole in the gloom is to move through it with intention, and that requires clear thought. Now, the crack has opened and new life is on the way in. Incoming energies carry information, preparation, change. Are you ready? Let what is coming shower you. If you are prepared for change, you can withstand any lateral pressure.

What is happening as these sweeping energies permeate the scene is a massive clearing of the stage. On the other side of events, as the curtain falls all the way to the floor, a new setting is revealed. Already you have a sense of receding glaciers of immovable, frozen mindsets and intents. In the face of what is incontrovertible, inescapable, natural change, new life, new opportunities, and a total release of what had held you in its grip. As you prepare, it may be necessary to get out of the way. Being ready often means letting go of what you thought, and receiving what comes.

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