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Midweek Update

Dancing on the Wheel of Fate

Well, that happened… You knew something would happen. You just didn’t know for sure what it would be. Now, all of a sudden, things are moving and you find yourself balancing on a bouncing tightrope. All you have to do is to get from here to there, and the way is already well laid out. If you allow yourself to be distracted from the target by the flux of quickly shifting reality constructs, you’ll be obliged to start your move again. But if that happens, don’t worry. The rope is short. You don’t have far to go to get to the truth of the moment, and when that reveals itself, you’ll be able to hop off the chaos machine and into a comfortable niche that’s been pre-decorated for your utmost enjoyment. You might want to shift things around a bit to suit your mood, but all in all, destiny has things well in hand. If it appears to the contrary, take a breath and shift awareness to staying on your feet.

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Destiny has a sense of the ironic built into its foundations, you might say. Though it may seem this way, in fact it’s actually quite practical in its method. You have an appointment to keep, set up by your soul and accounted by fate. You will arrive on time, there is no doubt about that. How disheveled you look when you walk through the door to meet what’s waiting for you, well that is another matter altogether. It depends largely on how well you pay attention to each step along the way. You know, looking at the spot your foot is about to settle, whether it’s on a boulder rocking on the edge of a cliff of poor judgment or in the quicksand of doubt and confusion. Terra firma exists there too, as a choice spot to choose as your next step. It’s somewhere in the midst of poor choices. You can’t tell until you’re about to put your full weight down, but that split second before you commit can save you a lot of trouble.

While you hover in the balance point, before you shift your intention into the full forward movement of manifest act, launch into the timeless space of memory and do a quick review. Scan. Have you been in a similar situation, and if so, what did you choose that you didn’t particularly like the feel of? Neither quicksand nor a twisted ankle has much allure, so chances are that you made some background computations to remind yourself to beware and be warned to avoid a repeat of unpleasant inner psychology lessons. You already know what not to do. Don’t do that thing. Do another thing. Do the thing that has so very recently come to your attention. While you’re in the pose of one foot midair, your mind in timeless reflection of experience’s wisdom, come into your awareness. Are you experiencing the eternal dance of consciousness, done on the razor’s edge, equanimous within the ring of chaos and a world coming down? Shiva are you now, in the identification of the divine essence of fluid life experiencing itself as you. The next move you make is going to take you somewhere, this is sure. In trust of the life you live, can the next step be other than divinely placed? Move into the dance, and let yourself feel the cosmic rhythm modulate into a new experience altogether.

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