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Summary: All good things come to an end, or at least to a point where they change into something altogether new. The essence of truth remains, as does the soul’s fixed gaze on the high road ahead. While you stand between worlds, one ending and one being born, take in the dance of shadows and feel the weight of the world lighter for their dissolution. You’re coming home, and in the days to come you’ll have plenty to be thankful for. Skirting disaster often breeds gratitude, and loss of one world opens up new realities.

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Two of Rods  — The Empress — Five of Pentacles (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

What you are witnessing is the end of an era. You've arrived at a moment you've prepared for on many levels for a long time. You're coming home. #pleiadian #tarot #reinventyourself Click To Tweet


What you are witnessing is the end of an era. The end of time. The end of the world. That’s quite all right because you carry a spare. It’s something you’ve been allowing to grow while you’ve been busy dealing with other things. It’s been at the periphery of your awareness, that space where hope sometimes is all that nourishes its growing cycles. If you relax your vision momentarily, you’ll see it at the edge of perception. It’s readying for launch. So are you. You stand now on a point of balance between two world, between life and death… or more correctly, between death and life. What’s done is done, and the phase of time is nearly through its poignant release. The aftermath is the substance that pushes you forward; the distillation of experience is the steady trust that’s grown within yourself, as a truss, as a treasure. Lean on that as you will, yet maintain your gaze on the future. It’s taking shape before your eyes in the dying light of a time that’s lived out its purpose. Shadows soon will recede. Witness what they carve on the landscape before they disappear, for their legacy must be appreciated before it dissolves back into oblivion. Stay in your space, in balance and in honor of your journey’s point of transition. This moment is a defining one. Look for the light and let that be the thing that leads you home, as the tide turns and the shadows dance their swan song.

LODESTONE: The Empress

Regard the majesty that you see reflected in yourself, and feel the weight of truth that comes with it. There is no room for apology now, for what comes full circle ties up the loose ends in the act of presenting what is becoming. Be with that, now. If you’re feeling more at home within yourself, allow your senses to reach further through the tendrils of awareness exploring a world in transformation. Pay attention to what you see and feel around you, opening to the wonder and magnificence of it all. You’ve arrived at a moment you’ve prepared for on many levels for a long time. There really is little left for you to do at this point but to enter into what presents itself to you. Move through that portal that you sense is there for you, just for you. Moving through it, flow the essence of what you feel as yourself through the unfurling sensibilities extending into the deep dimension of the picture that lay ahead. This is how you create home from within. This is how you come home. You don’t have to define it to own it, nor do you have to concretize it in order for it to become real. It is becoming real. You are, too, more real than ever before.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Five of Pentacles (reversed)

Just as things begin to look bleak, just when your eyes alight on that signal that the ship is tipping irretrievably toward the murky depths of perdition, it doesn’t. In fact, if you can trust your legs, you may just sense that it’s righting itself. How can such a thing be, when all accounting indicated loss? As you settle back into a more comfortable space from the edge of oblivion where you’d had your eyes trained, you can afford to contemplate the wheres and whys of such a thing. Skimming past catastrophe. Dodging the whirlpool and darting into safer waters. If it was loss that you feared, consider that it actually happened. Something will be deemed as lost, irretrievably so, never more to be seen in the same way ever again. Down into the dark waters, into the baptism of transformation it has slipped, leaving you on deck to hold hat in hand, close to your heart, casting a bereaved if somewhat relieved prayer for its wellbeing and fare-thee-well. Even if you don’t know what such a prayer might be, or where it might be best delivered, the intention will set it free. Ballast dumped, deck back to level, you’ll soon have your sails high and full of wind, pressing you on to a new adventure. While you’re waiting for everything to settle down, it might not be a bad idea to whisper another prayer in gratitude for your own wellbeing, too, and to affirm your trust that everything will work out just fine… even if you don’t know what that looks like quite yet.


“Errors in judgment pull you further away from home. Your homeland is not the sorry state you see. Your homeland is in the far reaches of the star-flooded sky. Know you are playing hide-and-seek with yourself. You are reaching out in the dark with your grasping hands in an attempt to find something familiar. You readily accept part for whole without realizing you have hold of only a shadow. How do you get out of the game and back home? Create a way. All you see is of your own creation anyway. You see the substance of particulate composition of thought.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.

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