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Midweek Update

No Time Like the Present

Snapshot… How long does it take you to time-travel when you see an old photograph of yourself? While it’s often the big events that you use to draw a dot-to-dot outline of your life path, it’s more likely that what’s innocently caught on camera of an odd moment of normalcy holds more potent charge, when you connect to it. In a flash, you can find yourself zapped from now to another reality altogether. Even if you don’t have a photograph in your hand, it’s likely you have something akin to it stored in your memory banks. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you settle your attention on it? Discarding the horror stories and tales with sad endings or scary clowns, somewhere is an idyllic scene. “Somewhere” might be on another timeline altogether; in such a case, time-travel becomes a potentially transformative adventure of spirit.

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Preparation for time travel need not be an arduous task in itself. It can be accomplished in a snap, when you think of it. Let go of what anchors you to the coordinates of present time. That’s it. Nothing to pack, no tickets to book. Accommodations are always open, and your way back guaranteed… though you may find it to be somewhat changed when you return. In an instant, you can find yourself revisiting yourself. When you do, you have a golden opportunity at hand: integration. Embrace what you see and let your spirit, your soul do the handiwork that takes integration to a new level of self-awareness. Allow yourself to expand through remembrance, however it comes, and from there, awareness of a revitalized sense of wholeness. It’s quite a natural thing, effortless, and without risk of disappointment, if you trust the process and are able to really, honestly let yourself experience it.

Chances are, this moment of time that hovers between realities at a point of temporal flux holds the curtain open for you to duck into the mystery of Self-propelled integrational questing. On your last adventure, you might have had some secrets to share with your present self-awareness, whether that was within or outside of your present time-bound travels. Some part of you awaits welcome, and some part of you is ready to release who you think you are to become who you have to remember yourself to be. In that moment of time-traveling homecoming, you have everything available to you all at once, and the pieces of yourself can fall neatly into place if you let them. Take a short trip, if you can, while the conditions are favorable. Chances are, you won’t miss anything you let go of on the way. You are your own souvenir.

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