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Get a Grip, and Reintegrate

Get a grip… If your thoughts have been running amok of late, this is the time to roll up your sleeves and get a handle on them. You’ve started to realize that the chaos around you is not going to settle until you get some things straight in your head. Really, you have little else to take control of in the situation at this point in time. Within your past are the detritus of discarded half-formed ideations about reality. They’re part of the old you. You’re starting to understand that transformation involves letting those aspects of self slip away. Victimhood, martyrdom, spineless self-effacement have no place in your world-view of self any longer. You’re bigger than that. In rejecting the limitations such second-guessing places on your field of play, you effectively move yourself out of a barren, lifeless fate and onto a more fertile, life-supporting higher ground. From there, you become master of your mind.

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Do you feel you’ve come to a point where wrestling with yourself has become a pointless exercise? In your personal work of becoming, you have indeed grappled with modes of thought that have proven worthy adversaries. Are you coming to realize, despite the disorder of affairs around you, that you are your own greatest functionary of change? Truly, there is no greater enemy than an unruly mind, disordered and disintegrated selfhood, inner dysfunction of thought. Recently, you’ve managed to get a grip on some of that. Now, you own that part of yourself in a whole and integrated way. This is empowering you to move forward now to take decisive action with regard to that pattern that has been knocking at your door of late. Nagging patterns that once seemed like an insurmountable lifelong burden within you are suddenly within your ability to handle, once and for all. Don’t shy away from it. Move forward with confidence!

The elephant in the room is really in your head. If you’ve never before managed to shoo it away, grab it by the tail and see what happens. It’s quite likely that it will lose all semblance of the hologram and reassemble into the elemental particulates of belief. Delerium tremens aside, most obnoxious thought-forms can be dissipated in one way or another. In this case, dare yourself to step forward and face that thing within your mental sphere that’s most doggedly presenting itself. Take some form of decisive action, whether that’s clearing some physical blockage, changing some personal habit, or finding the perfect grammatical ordering of your own empowering mantra. What has been overshadowing your mind loses coherence as your new vibration of self-acceptance rises and reorganizes your understanding of self. Get a grip on this now, and you’ll have reclaimed a lost shard of your core beingness. Integration is in your hands.

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