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Hang On, It’s Information Overload

Stuck and waiting… Have you hit information overload yet? Sometimes, it’s not what’s outside of you that poses an obstacle. It can just as well be from within. A lot is happening in the world around you. Your intuition is squeaking sweet nudges to help you stay balanced and true to self. Just. While you have a moment, take it. Right now, as you read these words, let the thoughts that dog your sleep and tease you off your trajectory have a time-out. You are perfectly within the realm of reasonableness to cut out for a while. In fact, it may be just the remedy for information overload. Instead of cutting ties with those sources of love, support, insight, and so on, close your eyes and let the silence of the inner world take precedence. You’ll need to have all your wits about you when next the tide shifts.

You might well feel balanced and energized. These are days of movement, of whispers of a distant something that makes its way through the tiniest of waves. When you have so much coming in within such a short time, though, even the small waves can feel like a tsunami. More is coming, along with much-needed change. Re-integrate. Get your perspective, and remember what you came here for. Within the gentle rhythms of universal expansion, secrets reveal themselves to the hidden senses. Stay attuned within. Everything that’s coming at you now can feel like too much, otherwise, and trigger a steely response. It’s not what you mean, of course. It’s just a moment of overload. It will pass, and when it does, your refreshed and grounded self will have the wherewithal to cope, and thrive.

Meanwhile, back away from the speakers. Rest your sensory intake machinery. Listen with more sensitive ears, and see with your soul what is of importance in this now-moment. It’s relatively transitory, after all, and in the blink of an eye the scenery will right itself and you’ll be plugged in to more sturdy energy sources. Remember that you have a mind full of thoughts, and so do those within range of your brilliance. Allow the heart to relax and expand so that you, in an integrated state, can better process the present energy modulation. There’s more information coming that now lay in the whispering weightless waves. Let it come, and know that taking a moment to let your thoughts settle now will help you see the way forward clearly, when the time comes.

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