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Here’s Another Opportunity Coming

Summary: This week, everything seems upside-down. There’s an opportunity to change that. Hurry up and wait is necessary now, just so everything can express itself in fullness and grace. You, too, have to take a step back now to get into balance. A lot is happening in the background to distract you from your main task. Find your balance at zero point and prepare to unmask your true self in the face of another chance to prove yourself to yourself.

Eight of Rods (reversed) — Two of Pentacles (reversed) — Five of Cups (reversed)

Remember zero-point perfection. Just ahead is an opportunity coming around again. Pay attention. Your landscape is about to change. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Eight of Rods (reversed)

Are things ever going to happen? You know they will, you can feel it, you can taste it. Things are moving, events conspiring to change the world and usher in a new vitality, one after another. With each promise, however, comes a lock-step and a sense of waiting for everything to come online. There’s an opportunity coming for massive change. Lots of energy is flowing, and ideas are popping up willy-nilly. Step back and take a breath. Some very good concepts and potentials for manifestation are at risk of becoming overshadowed. While a joint trajectory has been agreed upon, not all the players are at the starting line. What is hidden has yet to be revealed in full, and what has begun to be expressed is in the midst of formulating yet-to-be-released brilliance. Fertile ground awaits to nourish what is about to happen. Relax whatever mental tension you have that could stifle the movement toward a desired goal. Doing so will allow a full blossoming of something that will forever change your landscape.

LODESTONE: Two of Pentacles (reversed)

One thing that’s vital when juggling anything is to stay balanced. Are you right now feeling that you have the poise and grounding to keep all the balls in the air? Chances are, you may be pushing yourself so hard that you’ve managed to get out of equilibrium. Remember what it feels like to have the zero-point perfection where everything is out of time, within a space of pure potential, and you are in remembrance of your pure, essential joy of being. If you find it a stretch to get there, pay attention. Forget the turbulence that might ensue if you happen to drop a ball. Feel the ebb and flow of time’s shifting current, and regain your balance point. When you do, you might recall that you’ve been encouraged lately to trust that the grand design is unfolding perfectly. Find your way back to that, if you have a sense that you’re doing too much. Get back to the flow of life, and the flow of sustenance and manifest dreams will follow. Let the winds blow and the tides do their thing. In the meantime, you might want to consider a bit more rest. With the news on the way, you’ll want to be fully rested and recharged.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Five of Cups (reversed)

Maybe that experiment didn’t turn out as planned, in hindsight. Maybe it’s coming time to remember that you’ve tried doing things the same way, with the same result, for long enough. Just ahead is an opportunity coming around again. Déjà vu. Pay attention. How many times have you disappointed yourself by spilling your guts and your heart to no avail? How many times are you willing to allow yourself to be tricked into trusting the thing that collapses under the weight of your devotion? At some point, you have to say, enough is enough. You’re about to have another chance to say it, and to act on it. All is not lost and your healing is waiting for you to drink deep of the rejuvenating nectar of self-love and creative inspiration. This is a deep point of healing, about to greet you again. Are you ready to leave the shores of regret that the past has spilled your lifeblood upon? Great promise awaits, a splendor reaching to new heights and a new light. Dare to reach for the cup of promise, of blessing, and of self-and-soul-satisfying opportunity. To do so may mean de-cloaking yourself. Are you ready for that? The moment approaches.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“It is Nemesis’ craft to bring to your attention choices you could make and show you the consequences of those choices in a variety of shades of reality. It is your craft to choose, get, and use reality to create, manifest, and perfect your experience in the reality you bring into being. Messing up, in your words, is merely using an experience Nemesis has prospected for you without knowing that the consequences would be less than optimal for your sane progress. Luckily, for every non-optimal choice, you have an opportunity to create another choice. In learning, you follow this pattern. Learning is the specialty of Nemesis. It is Nemesis who teaches you love’s secrets.”

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