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Trust Your Divine Arrangement

Moving right along… How much you’ve released! Letting go of unnecessary baggage never felt so good. With the essentials of wisdom tucked neatly in a package, out of your mind, you can turn your face toward higher things. Everything is in divine arrangement, and there’s a sense of finally being able to trust the path, the plan, the grand design of it all. Above all, you are finding it easier to trust in yourself; after all, you are the embodiment of a divine arrangement, yourself. Are you able to feel the balance, now that you’ve cut away all the threads that have held you back in your thinking, and your ability to move forward? You carry some cares with you yet, but you also have in your possession the promise and the blueprint of a grand, divine design. It’s time to start putting that into motion.

You’re at zero point. Right now, look neither to the left nor the right. You know there’s a higher truth than the one currently being played out around you. You also know that the illusion projected around you is falling away. It can’t continue. There’s no substance left to it to create solid ground to carry it forward. However, solid ground or not, time and space keep progressing you along your soul’s journey. Go on you must, and you can, with joy. In a way, you’ve already left the support of what had previously held you up. Does it really matter so much if it’s the end of the road for that way of being? A higher, grander road is yours. Uplift your inner vision and walk boldly into the divine arrangement with full faith. You’re in perfect balance.

As you attune yourself to a more pure light, become aware of it resonating within you as a new song. You are aglow with purpose. You’ve fathomed the depths of your experience and come through, if a little ragged, with your soul intact. Confidence renewed, the shift recognized, the modulation heard, you bring with you a new slate, a blank canvas ready to discover an expanded spectrum of life’s color and glory. Let the old world erode. Will you fall? Not likely. You can already see the promise greeting you. This is the beginning of manifestation of a new set of wings. In balance, in poise, you prepare to launch. Do you recognize what’s coming? You should. You, in concert with your soul, wrote this page of the book a long, long time ago.


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