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The Devil

Looking deeper this week…

That Looming Devil: Can you feel the fire of antagonism tearing apart the fabric of what naturally should be in balance and trust? Something is emerging out of the shadows, and it bears the threat of absolute destruction. Or does it? Look at the person who you naturally want to shy away from. Is he not bound, like you? What spectre looms that could threaten both sides of an argument? It is one and the same and cannot be pigeonholed into some tiny, convenient block of understanding. It’s just too big to fit into whatever concept you have at the ready. Yet you are bound by belief.

As the fires of transformation reshape the very core of who you see yourself to be — and how you see the “other” — a subtle light encroaches the corners of your mind. Is this spectre of your own making, you wonder? It seems to be connected to you, as if you cannot break away. Some self-reflection in the nakedness of truth is in order, if you wish to be free. However, it is not something you can do alone. Any attempt at liberating yourself from the illusion of evil that lurks behind your thoughts requires balance. Here, the damnation you fear makes itself most imposing. Instead of moving away from each other, could it be that the secret to liberation lay in coming together in the face of a monster? Remember, this is bigger than you can hold in your conceptual mind. You cannot defeat it alone, nor in moving along a path that diverges from true integration. It is in becoming whole that you gain your freedom. Divided, and believing in division, you perish.

You have to look deep for the light now. Beyond the edges of what you most fear, what you most vehemently believe to be the source of evil. It is, in fact, showing you the way. Dare yourself to see.

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