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Magical Realism

You hold the magic in your hand. You can set things aright. It is not a matter of sorcery, for in truth that is but a weak attempt at playing god. Rather, it is in opening up to the latent power of life within you, that which is the source of all that breathes, moves, and grows, that which is in constant contact with creation itself. It is not in destroying what is seen as abhorrent that brings you freedom from the weight pressing down on your spirit. Destruction will not bring you freedom, unless it is in balance with life. When you see that the life-force contains within it the scientific accuracy taken to the nth degree, you will understand the natural destruction of what is not natural is part of the process of living itself. There is magic in incorporating a trust in this into your daily goings-about-town. There is something unseen, intangible, and potent in opening up to that within the secret gardens within your mind and heart. Roam there and see what has come to be.

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Meddling in magic without a respect for the greater autonomy of divine circumstance is like playing with matches in a fireworks factory. You may know how to strike a light, you might be able to illuminate the darkness in the windowless confines of the alchemist’s laboratory. You may strive to control the chain reactivity of what you set into motion, yet even with the help of the biggest, baddest devas and demons, you might find yourself suddenly illuminated in a rather abstracted way. Such is the way of seeking to control life. You might not be aware of what you’re tapping into before it’s too late. Such is the way of blindness as well. Within the dark, your conjured embers may well light your way to the edge of oblivion. Yet within the microcosm of the cast circle, not everything is amenable to your command. Where in your life, being adept in the dark arts or repulsed by the suggestion thereof, are you striving to carve out a domain in which everything makes sense, dots connected, angles at friendly degrees of separation from sharp points and daggers?

This is not an idle question, even though it seems to cover but a limited gamut of human striving toward godhood. In the supremacy of knowledge, the ultimate act is surrender to the unknowable. There is no greater magic than life itself, no greater mystery, no greater lure to beckon the awakened mind. As soon as the edge of what is reasonable has found its measure, the magic of life makes itself known, eventually, beyond. Right now you hold so much in your power to come into a satisfying balance between finite order of mind and the chaotic assemblage of the unknown infinity spiralling around and outward from an unseen source of life. There is a bridge between what is known and what lay beyond. It is well to move your light to the edge, to surrender to the greater order that holds limitation within a blossom of endeavor, before reaching toward the fuse. Life is the light that rockets your spirit to higher planes of understanding and being. From there, perspective might show you how small you’ve been playing. Let the true magic of life show you how it’s done.

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