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A New Direction

A new direction… Are you surprised at how effectively things change once you commit yourself to taking a new course? Suddenly, you’re hurtling in a new direction. Can you trust that you are going in the right one? You have carved out the path ahead of you with the sharp tool of intention. Coupled with an awareness of higher forces of guidance, intelligence, and loving care, can you really go wrong?

Steadily, carefully, you’ve been moving forward, testing the waters of reality as you go, and finding yourself on fresh, new ground. Through it all, you have remained true to yourself. Even more, you have come to know yourself more, and perhaps discovered some secrets your soul had waiting for you to find. Now, it is as if you have met yourself anew. Do you recognize yet the results of your intentions? Hold fast to your core integrity, and know that you’ve just passed a hurdle that’s transformed you completely.

What you’ve discovered — ancient secrets, standing in the background of your life’s landscape — have proven to be a landmark where your soul has taken a decisive turn. The new direction you’re heading in is leading right to a meeting with destiny. More change awaits, yet fear no longer holds you back from bringing your inner world into action. This is the time for movement! With composure and trust, you can now hear the whispered directions that source from the soul. You’re one with the movement that’s carrying you ahead now. Become the change. There’s no holding it back.

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    This is a perfect description of this special moment of initiation I have experienced recently <3


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