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Midweek Update

Reality Can Be Weird

Funny how that works… Just when you find yourself standing in a particular spot, musing over the particularities of your current situation in life, along comes a great wave of change. Haven’t you been prepared for it, though? Haven’t you anticipated the incoming pressure of shifting conditions, the surge of mental impressions that are just now pushing levers and buttons in your head, making things make sense? Even if you can’t yet decipher it, still the cryptographic machinery is dismantling reality as you watch. Keep watching. It’s your best bet for finding the most creative dream to infuse with the breath of life. Stay open to what happens next, and remember that within the burgeoning body of change live strange creatures, conceptual forms that may just find a way through your heart into your awareness. Attune.

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Every time you find yourself at the edge of the ebbing tide, where your energies—on one level of operation—seem to be dwindling, dissipating, being sucked by those agencies that need what you’ve got, do you sense something incoming that will make you forget how tired and sore you are? Be honest now, for you very likely have been sensing such a point of quantum emptiness approaching, where you can not-be in one state and suddenly be in another. Narrow your awareness now, and focus your eyes on what you see in front of you. Discard preconceptions, do away with what you have become familiar with seeing. Allow your mind to reconfigure how it interprets what it receives from your sensorium. In other words, be fully present and disengaged from what you have hitherto been sure of. Allow yourself the buoyancy that comes with joy, and open to the joy that lurks just beneath the surface of your very grown-up perceptions and ideals. Now is not the time to grow old.

When you let go of everything you’ve held close to your heart as self-definition, you are free to redraw your personal map. Always, this choice is available to you, yet now it may seem that events are conspiring to tap you on the shoulder with a gleaming finger from an alternate reality. Do not be afraid. Do not succumb to what you’ve been taught to believe, but tune your senses and your heart to what appears from within your deepest intuitional awareness. Allow timelessness to sneak into your now-moment. Allow yourself to be baffled momentarily by what is revealed, without worrying about what your fear is attached to. That will sort itself out momentarily. In fact, it may very well be in the process of being swept away into obliteration. Let it be. What you are becoming very lucidly aware of is in the process of letting you in on some secret key to a new dimension of being. That’s what you’ve really wanted all along, isn’t it? Well, then, receive it!

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