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Touch the Point of Resistance

A lot’s changed… and you’re all in. Ready to take on the full whack of transformation, reach higher and deeper than you’ve ever imagined possible. At last, something has come into your life in a way that can’t be denied. Or can it? Have you noticed you’re denying something? Suddenly aware of what you have to tidy up before blasting off into the wild new world? Chances are, all the pesky loose ends all have a common point of origin. That’s where you find the most resistance, and the greatest potential for blessed transformation. Getting there isn’t as hard as you think, if you allow grace to do its thing. It’s best to do that, as timelines are about to fully merge.

So much has happened lately to alter a familiar landscape. Whether it’s what you’re used to navigating in within the physical world around you or the way you’re accustomed to chasing your thoughts around (or avoiding them finding you and pinning you down), suddenly that’s not appearing quite the same. There’s a great big crack in the structure around your inner navigational equipment so pronounced you’re forced to step back and watch it break. What will that reveal? Unhindered freedom of movement within a bigger, bolder environment. Excursions into the unknown are less risky when you’ve ditched the shell and allowed your wings to expand. Let the appearance of suppositions, habits, and belief break apart. You will not be lost in the process.

What all this is leading up to is a very necessary thing. Any point of resistance signals a spot where you’re unknowingly attached to a lost world. Who you were is no longer who’s looking back at you in the mirror. And now, everyone is your mirror. There is no hiding from that thing you didn’t want anyone to know about you. The only thing to resist now is the urge to crawl back into the familiar dark cave; the source of safety you’re expecting there has no further use for you. It doesn’t recognize you any longer. Step fully into the light. You’re approaching it now. Say goodbye to the last vestiges of your masks and smokescreens. Let yourself be fully engulfed by the light, knowing that it’s yourself you’ll meet there in full, spectacular glory. It’s a moment of untarnished honesty that awaits. Meet it in grace.

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