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Mind the Gap

Mind the gap. There’s a world to discover there. Between what appeared to be immovable objects, objections, or objectives opens the way. Move through it. You have the sanction of both stars and ancestry, and time calls you to deliver what you have been carrying. The code, whether you know it or not, is ripe for decipherment. You can unravel the clues and find the meaning in the sharp angles and precise geometries you witness moving, rising, standing in place. Accord comes. As you release yourself into the pull that draws your heart-mind conjugate, the fullness of wisdom and power come full to the fore. You may well find yourself seeing things as they are. Will you be surprised? Perhaps, but it’s not going to shake you to pieces. If anything, you may find it grounds you into a new feeling of certainty about who you have always suspected yourself to be. Ease into that.


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