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Carry the Light of the Star

Summary: As you finally turn your sights to a distant star and a source of new life, you have come to the point of leaving behind what you had built through an emotional period of growth. The past eight months may have taught you much, and if you have taken care to learn, you’re well prepared to move on to higher ground. Go on, and go in, for the star of your inner connection with divine light is beckoning you to communion. Let the flow of higher consciousness renew your spirit; let the light feed your eyes and fill you to overflowing. This is a moment of connection with the Absolute. As you move on, carry the light of that star with you. Reflect its perfection of understanding in all you do and all you hold in contemplation. The stars of the galactic cradle of life are ever present, in blessing and guidance.

Eight of Cups — The Star — King of Pentacles

nine's path pleiadian tarot weekly reading

FOUNDATION: Eight of Cups

The cycle is complete. You’ve come to the end of the project, perhaps long ago, and have remained in inner connection with the reverberations of soul-refining details that have surfaced. Such a long time to have worked on something so intangible as the soul. In the midst of this real work, a real-world project may have been your focus for some time, but that has completed and, now, so has the work of understanding. Look back 8 months and take stock of where you traveled. You’ve tasted much over that time, from the bitter to the sweet (or maybe vice-versa); now the cups are empty, the experience complete. You have reached the pinnacle of the period of perfecting. You find yourself with a grand new vista, and a view of the source from which the sustaining flow of higher love and intelligence has been hidden. It takes some work to get there. Through it all, you have held on to your core sense of self. You’ve stripped away everything not deemed necessary for finding your way forward, and found it to be sturdy, sharp, and steady. Now it’s time to leave that path, and turn your sights to the star-lit backdrop of a new opening in your path. There is no doubt that higher intelligence is involved with your discerning. You likewise are aware of a life-light of divine mystery giving color and definition to your horizons. Journey on. You are poised now for something wonderful. There’s no turning back to the old ways of thinking, being, or doing, nor is there need to even consider it. You have reached a magnificent turning point.


Dare to immerse yourself in what presents to you as vastness. Responsive reality surrounds you with the stuff of consciousness. Explore the fluidity of thought from within the fertile waters of creation come alive. From among the lights appearing in your landscape, gaze on the star that sings to your soul to glean its wisdom. The star upon which you pin your hopes and wishes shines upon your joyful interaction with reality, blessing and magnifying whatever it is you have in mind. Rather than start in on a material manifestation, feel within what you intuit will bring you the greatest promise and potential. Let your higher mind guide  communication with the secret-keepers of the mysteries, as you suffuse yourself in the light that grows with understanding. What seemed distant and inchoate gains life now, as the reality you’ve been working toward experiencing begins to reflect itself within your awareness. Given that you have been seeking this all along, it makes sense to honor this moment in your life by standing without apology in unrefined, undefined purity. Your soul’s beauty is revealing itself to you. Let the light of your star pour into you, and — at least for now — feel what it is to be pure consciousness.


You’ve reached the point of wisdom and inner magnificence to move forward with a sense of mastery. The bitter dregs of what had gone before have seeded the sweet fruit of promise, now that they are touched with the light of a star divine. What lay ahead for you is already showing signs of great potential. You can incorporate the wisdom you have gained and nurture the seeds and vines that will become the sweet wine to fill your cup in time. Remember to bear the higher wisdom and divinity of the light with you. Let the star that guides you be the blueprint for all that you now create. Bring into form the light that you have seen reflected in your own self, and in this way bring honor to the path that you have traveled thus far. Great things lay before you. It is well to remember that the ancestral stars support you and that you rest in the heart of the timeless ones from afar. You echo the light of Alcyone. The light of the heart shines without doubt. Remember the lines that weave you in your earthly life with emanations of a divine design, crafted by the mathematical precision of the foundation-point of OM. Carry your star heritage in full knowledge of who you are: a beloved form of light in the divine reflection of OM. See it everywhere and reflect it from within.

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