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Core Gathering in Preparation for Truth

Summary: A period of hard work in the inner sanctum of the self has yielded to the resolve of core transformation. You’re nearly finished with the outward expression of that, so stay focused that the perfection you’ve sought can come to light. When it does, you will be quite a different person than you were when you started the experience. Be willing to dress the part and share your heart. In gatherings, you can see how much divergent expressions of self have in common. At the core, the beauty of the human experience can be truly captivating, so indulge in sharing that now, for all are welcome to the soul party of the end of the adventure. The next phase of your transformation begins soon enough, and from a spot of balance, reflection, and strength owned. Be ready to express your truth. The time is coming for authority to speak softly, with a power that will not be denied.

Three of Pentacles (reversed) — Three of Cups — Queen of Rodsnine's path pleiadian tarot weekly reading

FOUNDATION: Three of Pentacles (reversed)

The diligence of past weeks is finally winding projects up. There’s still some work left to do, but if you’ve been applying yourself with focus (and some love for what you’re doing, especially as it relates to your inner state of being), you will find that the core shift has taken hold. Changes are happening. Where have you put your attention? Have you seen something massive turn into manageable size? By removing yourself from the bigger picture and giving yourself to what you have in front of you to do, you’ve allowed your core self to undergo recalibration, restructuring, and redefinition. When at last you lay down your tools, you may find that settling back into the groove takes on a whole new meaning. The old groove is gone, or nearly so. Keep chiseling away at the last pieces of who you have created, so that the transformation may be blessed by your own hands and the eyes of the greater Self who looks through your own. There’s still a chance to do good work, and the moment deserves your full attention. Then it’s on to a bigger sense of self, infused by mathematical integrity of the divine mind of the grand design. A last few well-directed applications of your will and strength, and the job will be done. Well done.

LODESTONE: Three of Cups

Conference time. You’ve traveled a road and ventured far into an experience that has shaped who you have become. The core of you has been graced by the lands of time, endowed with fabrics of frequency and sound that shape themselves around the inner expression of selfhood. Come now into communion with others whose travels led them to enter the sphere of this now-moment from alternate directions from your own. Meet in the synergy of polarity’s end in divinity. As you gather with people whose experiences differ from your own, join in like mind and core harmonics. How distant is the space between one and another of bold differentiation when the heartspace is recognized in the golden cup of truth shared? In bringing your own nectar to the party, you extend the lessons soul has mastered in ever-modulating form. Find beauty in being part of a whole of the endless diversity of humanity, equally so in the startlingly clear truth that there is no “other” in another. Do you see the beauty of your heart in another’s? Celebrate being welcome within the creative play of life’s garden. It is with honor that you have come to be.


From deep within, you rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your own transformative succession. You have honored your past and therefrom gained strength. Moreover, you have attained the poise from which you give creative swash to who you have become. Stay rooted in what you have learned as you move into the coming time. You have the bold core of a hero, this is true. In the week ahead, wisdom lay in maintaining peace and composure. Let the fire burn as your core self incorporates itself into a new understanding of who you are yet to be. With peace, express what you have to say, never letting go of the authority of your right to say it. Divided though the world may be, in your power now is the ability to bring balance, truce, and mutuality. How may this be? By exercising the ageless sovereignty generated from core ascendancy. You’ve done a lot of work, and you have been in good company to do it. Now, look at the world in the light you bear, undeniably, within.


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    Reading this remind me of so many of my journeys of my life but through reading of books because there like watching movies and seeing your life in some of them so to me it’s magic and I see in them always a light to venture toward,


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