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Perfection in the Making

Summary: Time now to enjoy the something new that’s been put in your lap. You’ve already dived into the project, and by now you’ve come to see it as an extension of the soul’s journey through the experiences of your life. All is coming into focus of perfection. Keep polishing. Feel the love that is so abundantly shared through generations of ancestry, stellar and otherwise, at this powerful moment in time. The gates are open to merging with a new reality. Entrain with love, and let the wisdom of love flow freely. Whatever challenges present themselves this week, stay centered in the transformative powerhouse of the heart. You have the power to make new life from the most unseemly of material. Your heart can transform the basest of material into fertile ground for vivid life to emerge from. Do just that in the times ahead.

Eight of Pentacles — Ten of Pentacles — Six of Cups

nine's path pleiadian tarot weekly reading

FOUNDATION: Eight of Pentacles

It’s quite likely that you’re already busy in the task of creation. A new project has breathed life into you, and builds on achievements you’ve already garnered in your journey through this lifetime. Acknowledge all of your experiences; see them as medals cast on the wall of achievement of your life, glittering like stars above your head to help you navigate onward into the unknown. You aren’t one to rest on your laurels, however. Wisdom precludes more than the acknowledgment and demands focus on the Now. While you’re busy with the work of perfecting your soul-experience, the essence of all that you have done are gaining lustre, organizing into a pattern where you’re finally able to make sense of it all. Remember what you’ve learned and use the tools you’ve picked up along the way. They will be useful in measuring out your words and aligning the angles of perception to fine-tune what you meet in the future. Are you finally at a point of letting go your attachment to how well you’ve done, or not, in your past? To fully experience the Now, it’s well to do so. Despite the undertakings and overcomings you have already done, what you hold in your hands right now is bigger, laden with potential and promise. It’s already showing the mastery of perfection you’ve been working on so diligently, regardless of what failures you may have allowed yourself to have. If you snuck a peek from your polishing, you’d see that, when taken as a whole, the array of life-learnings entrains to reflect a grand design in perfection. Keep working, and find pleasure in just knowing that.

LODESTONE: Ten of Pentacles

Are you able to feel what true contentment is? Fairy-tale endings notwithstanding, it is absolutely within the realm of possibility for you to find a happy ending. In fact, it’s even more possible to discover a happy continuum. Now more than ever, it is. There’s a portal open right now where the perfection of being comes into focus. Is it a trick of the light that it seems closer? Generations of ancestry align in teh recognition of inheritance. From time immemorial, humanity has had a place in the stars, and within the fold of extended cosmic relations. As many are awakening to this, those who have long carried the knowledge will be sought out for understanding. Let the lessons given be of the reality of love. In this is the greatest treasure and the widest view gained. ‘Tis now that you have come full circle in your knowing, carrier of the tale. Give your wisdom in loving doses for all sentient beings to benefit from. In the perfection of time, when all is known, the knowledge will be the greater for it. Listen for the tinkle, jangle, and ping of realities coming into conjunction, playful reverberations of the edges of a new dimension merging into this one we share. Wisdom takes a seat at the forefront now. Seek it, be it, love it.


What love you have learned you are ready to share. Love in action is the name of the game, moving forward into the coming week. All that has come before has provided fertile ground for a new wave of fresh life to blossom forth. Take the mud and make it into the stuff of vibrant growth. Within the fields of the heart does love transform baseness into living gold, the perfection of life’s expression of living. Surround yourself with the blessings of appreciation, trust, and joy this week. Get into the habit of love. As often as you are given the opportunity, do the inner transformation and see what beauty blooms from within your heart. The days ahead may be challenging outside the inner sanctum of the home within you. Ground yourself in the inner garden of the heart when you feel the need for rejuvenation of the spirit. Feel the powerhouse you are! Stay centered there, and willing to share with any who come into contact with you, in clarity and solidarity.


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    There are so many parts of this and you just want to hug them all. Hold them because every day I think I’m a round peg in a square hole and so I can only keep reading and find comfort in your readings. They make me feel warm and gives me hope that my future is getting brighter.

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    These weekly readings are soothing to my soul, but on a practical side, I can’t seem to stop worrying about the need to be financially abundant (or at least being comfortable enough to not have to worry about paying the bills each month), because my dreams cannot come to pass without having my basic needs met. So, while I am hopeful, I am acutely aware of the harsh realities of the “real world” and the sacrifices that need to be made in order to sustain myself.


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