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Pause for Evolution, Prepare

Summary: Moving forward now, into a portal of soul evolution, you are ready to take on the arrival at time’s next passage, and a cycle to turn. Ground yourself now in the humble knowing of your way, and reaffirm your inner connection with the insights of celestial heights of wisdom, being, and light. Time is turning, and evolution moves forward. Clothed in the light of a new day, you are ready to open your eyes fully to the revelations of remembrance. New power is soon to come to you, a new source of wisdom and energy. For now, pause, take account for what your heart has learned, and make the final healing touches to your soul’s experience in form. Grace stands ready with a new gift of love’s essence. Prepare.

The Chariot — Knight of Rods — Four of Cups

nine's path pleiadian tarot weekly reading


As you move forward, brazen in your knowing, remind yourself of the humble ground from which your form takes its substance. Remember that your power comes from celestial insight given by your soul into your embodied mind, and you will navigate through this moment of time graced by the integrated balance of forces of evolutionary pull. You carry the knowledge of ancestral lines long forgotten to your worldly memory. Shine this on your way and you will guide yourself through any trickery of illusions projected by the play of light and dark. In your depths, you can feel it is time for the turn of cycles, for the darkness to subsume itself into the core of its most sublime essence. Light is rising from the depths of its most sublime breath. The cycles of becoming revolve around the zero-point of the pure potential the Nine is, and telegraph the glory into which Nine will carry the one following the path of the heart grounded in a reality completed by stellar gnosis. You are in a moment hovering between the oscillation in which Nine sleeps in form, in which Nine is awake in love’s intent, in which Nine moves awareness into a new experience of reality. Allow your full attention to rest on that, for a moment, and feel the subtle vibration rise.

LODESTONE: Knight of Rods

All you have garnered from lives long lived in the light of a sun moving through the evolution of light, you carry with you into new territory. Gilded dreams clothe you with ancient memories coming into amalgamation around your decided movement into the expansion of your current state of affairs. You have conquered your fears and made the treasure found therein into a talisman. Never again will you be driven from your path by elemental distractions of the play of light. Now, you are integrating into a new reality, following the pull of the evolution of your journey. You feel the strength you have built up as you have gone through a series of colorful adventures. Now, a new source of power beckons you, supports you, and is just about to make itself known to you. Ride steady, dear one, and know that the territory that lay ahead is the territory of ancient days revealing long-held secrets. Pay attention to the path, and with firm resolve move confidently into the direction of remembrance aglow with harmonics in tune with where you know you need to go. Time to tie up a few loose ends, maybe make a detour, and prepare to move on.


It is well for you to pause at this quiet moment where the momentum of change hovers on the edge of a turn. Can you posit a few separate things that have been given to your heart to decipher, through the final days of a test of your mettle? One, two, three… love, love, and love, in different flavors and forms bear great learnings for you to assimilate. Pause and ponder. Give yourself over to the immersion into what you have been given to learn. They are steps of your evolution into a being of grace and wisdom. You are well on your way, already; however, it does you good to reflect, to fill your heart with the essence, and fortify your next phase of evolution with the sweet juices of the fruits of your soul’s labor. When at last you are ready to lift your eyes, a new gift is given from an empyrean hand. Make the final healing actions that will prepare you for what comes. The moment’s pause will reap you the strength and grounding you need to take full advantage of the grace about to bestow itself upon you.


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    A perfect message of clarity in these times of uncertainty…Heartfelt thanks and blessings x

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    I’m wrapping myself in this reading like a blanket. I’m very concerned in these immediate days and months to come: the thrashing of a mortally wounded beast…a dying beast….concerns me. We’ll step up with a new level of Magic….will it be “enough”? Freedom is assured now…but damn, I’ve seen enough pain to last a forever….so……yes it will be enough. much love


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