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From Silent Counsel, the Shadows Retreat

Summary: You have taken counsel with the highest seat of wisdom, and over the course of your sojourn you have gained much in the way of wisdom, power, and knowing. That doesn’t mean anyone is ready to hear you. You may find yourself ready to speak, waiting for the room to get quiet so your words are not lost. What you have to say has to be delivered without the lurching movement of recent days. As you center yourself in your connection with the divine and open your heart within the zero-point of the now that destiny has opened, those who will listen can receive. The way forward is inward, the time of going into the shadows being shown now. What emerges from there, for all its confusion and apparent antagonism, is yet tameable with the counsel you deliver from your higher self’s perspective. Hold on to that core and let your words begin.

The Hierophant (reversed) — The Magician — Five of Rods (reversed)

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FOUNDATION: The Hierophant (reversed)

Is anyone actually listening to you? There is such a dive into destiny happening right now that your voice — and your powerful guidance — gets drowned out. The road to transformation has taken a definite surge and the G-force is something to be reckoned with. It’s got you looking at things from a very interesting angle, indeed. You’re already there, in the world that is in the making, looking at the present moment with words of wise counsel. Having plumbed the mysteries of knowing and gained the keys to unlock the door to the next phase of knowledge (for all), you wait while attention gathers. Though it may seem as if you are in a rather impotent situation from the outside, you know whereof you speak. You’re in attunement with the prayers that are sent from the enlightened that more light may be known, and with the prayers from above that you finally take the keys and do something with them. You will. Despite your apparent lack of awareness, you’re totally aware of everything that’s going on. Allow yourself to emerge.

LODESTONE: The Magician

Having taken counsel with the masters of manifestation, you have chosen to stay plugged in to a source of higher consciousness. In the zero-point where history and destiny meet, you are aware that this may be the only way for that counsel to drench into the consciousness of your world. Having opened your heart and exposed your vulnerability, what had been perceived as a weak point becomes fully empowered presence. You may have been training yourself for this moment for lifetimes. Now, in silence, you are ready to deliver your message. First, you have to prepare those who are ready to listen to ground themselves into what you have to deliver. You may be fully strengthened by your link to a wisdom source that’s just out of reach of common view, but the real message you have to deliver is a delicate one of getting into the shadows. Those who find the way there are going to need your steady gaze and wise counsel to guide them and give them the wherewithal to look into the caverns of human nature. Stay steady and strong now, like you feel you are in your bones.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Five of Rods (reversed)

If you witness the mayhem of unleashed emotional energy displaying itself in the days ahead, stay rooted in your connection to the higher energetic forces you have been developing and hold your ground. Listen to what comes out of the shadows now. Pent-up hostilities might make an attempt at a showdown, but in truth, there isn’t much driving force behind them. So long have they lingered in the dark recesses that they have lost their muscle, their integrity has dissipated, and the unraveling has them in a state of utter confusion. Allow yourself to emerge. From the higher realms of self-awareness, you have a solid grip on your inner core of vitality. With simple words, you can direct the bedraggled remnants of anger and confrontational leftovers toward a more down-to-earth cohesion. Trust yourself and entrain to your source. You’re an actor with great potential to tame the wild fragments of the mirror into a more unified harmonic, if you dare.

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