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While We’re Waiting, a Taste of What’s to Come

Summary: More deeply this week, we are led to explore the inner depths of letting go of the old and greeting the transformation of self. Waiting is not an idle pursuit when attention is turned toward the magical transformation that’s happening now. You’ve had a taste of what can be manifested through prayer, intention, and meditational focus: the old slips away and long-lost fragments of soul come homeward for integration in perfection of a grand living design. The old storybook’s lost pages are finding sense in the reanimation of your soul’s refocused moment of reflection. Through lifetimes of trauma, you may feel you’ve somehow lost the plot. However, the old world is just dying, and the divine design of Nine is working behind the scenes to bring a lot of joy into the otherwise dreary world that’s momentarily on our screen. We’ve all had a sweet taste. There’s more to come. The waiting will bring us much to savor.

Knight of Cups — Page of Swords (reversed) — Nine of Cups (reversed)

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FOUNDATION: Knight of Cups

You’ve managed to get something accomplished from the inward-turning revisions of last week. At some point, you managed, however fleetingly, to turn your attention toward the things your soul has been waiting to show you. Aspects of yourself had been waiting for integration. How easy it is to become swept up into the heady activity of the world stage, even if that world is the size of your room. Still, you did manage to send a little prayer, say a little good thing, state an intention in the hopes that it was enough to start you on a new journey. Last week left us looking at a joyful child on horseback. So swiftly that has turned into a maturation of what has been gleaned. Now you are moving in a new direction, however slowly, with a prize in your grip. A new landscape is waiting for you to discover it, and new pathways lay open in the distance. First, before you move on, reflect on the success you have begun to achieve, even if that is having captured a drop of nectar from a moment spent with your divine self, in bringing into accord the fractionated pieces of your soul’s expression of you over time and timelines. There is indeed a new journey to take, one which will welcome you as a wholly integrated being with greater understanding and higher aspirations of what you can achieve. As you begin, see what it is that you have done. Are you surprised at the reality of prayer? Does the spark of manifest intention catch your attention? Maybe you’ve found a good direction, indeed.

LODESTONE: Page of Swords (reversed)

Before you move on, there are some details still to be carved out from the solid rock of your past life. Having noticed that inward-turning attention can actually bring you out of the net you were caught in, freeing you from the rut of same-old-story, are you eager for more? Freedom from the idea of who you have been, fractured and off-center, is in your power to have. See what the moment of waiting to move, turning toward the reality that closed eyes reveals, has brought you. Perhaps you feel ungrounded in this scenario, and that, if so, is a temporary state while you yet are wielding the cutlass which severs the last tethers to outworn, tired ideas of self. That landscape no longer bears fruit, chapter finished, new chapter waiting to reveal its glory. You’ve got the power and the idea of simply cutting loose. However, take a look at the precious thing you have gained in the stillness of waiting to move. Pause before cutting further and consider laying by while the gathering of soul fragments completes this stage of integration. Watch while the miracle of alchemy takes place, and hold on to the silver thread that connects you to the heart of the world, of All That Is. Hang on to that while the old reality dies. Keep your eye trained on the golden heart of soul’s memory.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Nine of Cups (reversed)

Just a while longer, and the waiting for satisfaction will be over. In a world bound by the constraints of time, only Nine shares its immanence while everything else falls into place. Try to remember the childlike joy of transformation and rebirth while you play the waiting game; resist the urge to fall into frustration and dissatisfaction. Tickle yourself awake if you need to, but above all remember you have the infinitely self-replicating alchemical dynamic of transformation happening all around you, in the background of what’s happening now. What lay ahead may give you a moment of wry humor. Take it for what it is and maintain a healthy attitude of the appreciation of the absurd in the meantime. Soon enough, the cups will be filled with plenty to smile about. Stay entrained on the beautiful thing that’s gestating. Like a baby in the womb anticipating the surprises life has to offer, be in a state of joyful preparation and connection with the divine.

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