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Higher Understanding

Summary: The path you’ve traveled has brought you to the point of energetic finality, with verdant fields beckoning in the beyond. You hold divine Nine in your hands, to put into place the final turn of the machinery of self-understanding. As you enter into the moment of transforming, allow the old guard to slip into the nether of their own making. You have brought from heaven the keys to unlock a future of golden promise, borne of a burnished, bright understanding. Ahead, potential, pure in form and yet waiting to take form. Light pours into the quiet mind, and divine enthusiasm fills the blank canvas of what is to be with luminous color. Rest with that, in the perfection of the moment, as it shifts into a new Now.

Nine of Rods — The Hierophant (reversed) — Four of Swords

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FOUNDATION: Nine of Rods

Looking back on the path and the past, you can see that where you’ve traveled through time has brought you to an energetic stand-still. You’ve gone about as far as you can on the road you’ve been on. The last piece you have to set in place is in your hands. Orient yourself with respect to who you were, once upon a time, and triangulate yourself within to the now that you have found yourself in. Myriad points in between trace the shape of destiny’s fingerprints on your life. If all you had to do was to get along as best you could, you have done that to no one’s regret. God knows, as do you, it hasn’t always been easy. You’ve had enough knocks on the head to show for it. Now you stand, number Nine in your grasp, ready for you to put together all the pieces of life’s puzzle before positioning it perfectly. If you can do that, you’ll have reached a moment of great understanding, the kind that triggers transformation, evolutionary, revolutionary. You’ve given yourself to the task of understanding. You may feel that you have ever so little more to give before you run out of your inner reserves altogether. Feel the inner strength that is the undying Nine, the ever-living return to point of origin and expanded being.

LODESTONE: The Hierophant (reversed)

Last week, you had some hints at the power that you had cultured in the inner sanctum of self-understanding. Resting with that in the mirror has been enough to give you the feeling within yourself that you are at the threshold of unlocking a whole new kind of wisdom. The old guard is winnowing away, those who had gained their power through the corpuscles of ritual and obsequy to the crumbling towers of a distant past. Given to you are the mysteries now, celestial keys to balance what had been held out of reach. The time has come, can you feel it? A new entrée into the world of action is waiting for the turning of the age, and it is at hand. Don’t worry as the pundits of power fade behind the golden vitality of a brilliance of understanding. Those who have risen above the mayhem have kept their faces turned heavenward, toward higher wisdom than punditry can offer. Have you felt the golden glow of this new understanding? You have created it — and the keys to unlock the future — yourself. Take a moment to acknowledge that, and let it sink in.


In finding the way to the most direct experience of rebirth, you must take a moment to let yourself settle. Let your thoughts align themselves so that light pours in between them. Feel yourself aligning in perfection of geometry with the essence of thought, and feel the descent of divinity’s outpouring of love for life flowing into your perfectly still white canvas of beingness. The towers of yesterday’s outworn edifices of perpetuation of What-Has-Been will need something to take their place. Within your mind, you yourself are that potential. The uncarved slab of What-Is-Yet-To-Be exists in perfection already, becoming infused with life from the source of higher, unseen sources of light, color, and meaning. Can you identify yourself with the purity of potential that is the breath of the Divine? What is to be takes form from what you choose to become. Be willing to lay within this knowing in peace, and allow yourself to become infused with divinity. Perfection is, and perfection will follow.


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