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New Adventures in World Affairs

Summary: Last week, you took a last look at a legacy of having to stand your ground against aggression and outmoded ways of thinking. A period of introspection has now led to a whole new perspective, as if the world has been turned on its head. The result: Illumination of the shadows and a renewed passion for adventure. Moving forward, you can own your new sense of groundedness and control, to some extent, over your fate. World affairs notwithstanding, you are looking at reality with a firm sense of purpose now. Things are starting to make sense. Be open in the days ahead to new and diverse pathways meeting with your experience. Whatever comes into your life now, meeting it with an open and balanced sense of self can open secrets of self-knowing.

The Sun (reversed) — Two of Rods — Three of Cups

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FOUNDATION: The Sun (reversed)

Just when you thought the sun was shining on your world, affairs have seemed to turn you around. Is that necessarily a bad thing? Hm, perhaps not, if you take into account the direction you’re now facing. For so long, you have been going over the same mental territory, stuck in a rut that might not have been of your own making — or maybe it has. Never mind all that. The source of light has flipped itself around to shine some sense on things from another angle. You’re much better off this way. Now you’re heading forward, ready and steady and on your way, with joy and the exuberance that a new adventure brings. Maybe it’s just a new way of doing things. Maybe it’s that you’ve taken a chance and changed your strategy. If this is what you’re seeing, rub your eyes all you want, but the fact is, reality has been turned on its head and never have things been more right with the world. Affairs of the heart, of working relationships, of creative endeavors all get a burst of new life, and the enthusiasm that comes pre-installed on a blank canvas. Now you can pull out all the tricks of your creative nature. The hard work of introspection and inspection of the shadows has yielded a new source of light where before had been obscurity. Onward now to victorious ventures!

LODESTONE: Two of Rods

You’ve risen from your inward-focused time apart with the resolve and grounding long sought to face a brand new day dawning. You may feel humbled by the experience, especially seeing how world affairs can right themselves in the simple act of doing what’s right in the circumstances presented. You’ve stood firm in your self-knowing and the result is a sense of control and sober expectation. Steadily observing world affairs, you have a handle now on what before had seemed monumental. Balance and rest have done their magic, and brought you to the edge of the reality you have known. Now you stand facing something new. As the sun sets on the old set of world affairs and a new light begins to creep over the horizon, once-distant shores seem closer. Hoped-for change seems tenable now. You’ve earned a new feather in your cap, having stayed true to your principles despite the aggressions of a dying, desperate crowd of nay-sayers. You’ve held steady and spoken your truth. Words having been said, it’s time to maintain focus, and settle into this moment of relative peace. Breathe and feel your feet firm beneath you.


Keep your aim on building strong and balanced, yet diverse, relations. Whether it’s between people, or interests, endeavors or information-gathering, strive to be balanced, open, and above all, heart-centered. The true blossoming of anything you choose to engage in comes from being rooted in a commonality of the heart and a concord of the mind. Seek balance, and move beyond polarity to include that which has hitherto been obscured, shunned, or misunderstood. That is the element that has the most to offer, when met on equal footing and a sense of community. Finding balance from which you can thrive need not be limited to those of like mind. Introduce yourself to new ways of approaching the world. Be open to the unexpected in finding amity, and honor the life such openness affords. Your best way forward now is in opening to that which may be alien to your thinking or your experience. Met with the heart, you’ll be led to beneficial interactions and pleasant new experiences. It is a time of knowing secrets.

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