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Maintain Integrity

Summary: While things unravel, the truth is coming forward in a big, bold way. Hold on to what you know is true, that core essential stripped of all its trappings, the shining singularity of thought that withstands any onslaught. Right now, maintain integrity and stay steady. Stay grounded, as your intuition is guiding you to something you already sense is big. You have yet more to reveal, and your truth is about to get real. You’ll be ready when the moment comes for the magic of who you are to come shining through.

Knight of Swords — Six of Rods — The Magician

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FOUNDATION: Knight of Swords

Are you ready to see things moving? It’s as if you have been on (or have been witnessing) a treadmill, as far as the impact of the message that’s being carried. Right now, there’s a renewed sense of impulsiveness, following the influx of energy that took root in a big way last week. You’re feeling the stirrings of truth coming forward, and you have the drive to make the case clear. Hold on, because while you’re ready and raring to go, your horse is standing still. While you’re poised with your sword of truth, take a moment to notice its brilliance. Against the background of dark skies, doesn’t it still maintain integrity? Its shine is focused into a dazzling brilliance. Rest assured it will be sharp enough to cut through any gloom. However, as much as you want to make things happen, you’re feeling like no one’s listening. The message just isn’t getting through. There’s no point in trying too hard, no. Right now, while things are happening, while the earth itself is overflowing with its own internal combustion, stay steady and know that you’re part of everything that’s happening right now. Your hold on the truth is vital in this moment that wants to surge forward. It’s not a time to hide, that’s for sure, but it is a time for letting your brilliance break through your words.

LODESTONE: Six of Rods

Holding steady in this moment, you’re asked to maintain integrity while moving steadily into a future that has yet to fully reveal itself. You have inklings, in your groundedness, of what needs to happen, but you also hear your instincts telling you to hold back judgment on what seems to be just ahead. No course change is discernible, not yet. Trust your feet on the ground to guide you and give you the go-ahead when the time is right. It’s not, yet, but you are sensing something impending, something you want to have both eyes focused on. As you progress, keep your head high, your gaze steady, and your gold on what’s pulling you forward firm, yet relaxed. No need to get tense. Your energy is moving just fine, and you have plenty to feed on when it comes to current circumstances. There are still some secrets for time to unravel. For now, you trust that the secrets are there, and that they’re promising something in keeping with the glory you have been sensing in recent weeks.


Are you prepared for the totality of empowerment you’re moving into? Revealing your truth can be daunting, even overwhelming. You never know what secrets your heart will show for all to see… including yourself. This week, the infinitude of consciousness announces your arrival on the scene, and you are ready to plug in and let the party begin! All tasks completed, the thing that you’ve been preparing to do has reached its time of becoming known. You’ve recently been given what you need to know in order to step up and present yourself. You’ll be needed soon, and you’ll be ready. Downloads have been received. You’ve completed, or soon will be completing, those tasks that win you the mastery of hand, heart, and mind. Be prepared to bind yourself up into a powerhouse and unleash the magic you carry within!


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