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Something Is Missing… or Is It?

Summary: You’ve come to a point in your search for fulfillment on something where you feel like turning around, as if everything you’ve constructed has come to naught, as if… something is missing. Settle into your knowing. Guided by your intuition, focus yourself in this moment on the essential knowing you carry within. Feel the fulfillment of holding that for yourself. Know in this now that you hold the thing that you’ve been searching for to make your journey complete. In the days ahead, you will find your freedom and wrench yourself free. You’ll know what didn’t work, and you’ll not be caught in mental entanglements again… if you follow your intuition. Stay focused within. You already know.

Eight of Cups (reversed) — Queen of Cups — Eight of Swords (reversed)

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FOUNDATION: Eight of Cups (reversed)

The path that’s led to this moment brought you through a buildup of experiences with a lot of emotion, and ultimately, some confusion. Your disillusionment with what’s been stacked so carefully leaves you feeling like turning and walking away, yet your commitment to understanding sees space for one more attempt at finding balance and meaning. Your intuition is quite present, guiding you unseen. Something is missing. You know it, but you also know that finding it may mean walking away from all that’s so far been developed, built, carefully constructed. Looking at the construct of the arguments, you see they’re full of holes. Gaps in understanding cannot be filled from looking where you have been, but that doesn’t mean the cups you filled with what you were seeking have run dry. On the contrary: they have brought you to a deeper experience in relation to lighting your way forward from your intuition. Remember that you hold that power of inner knowing, and remember that it will lead you on when the time comes to turn to a new source of satisfaction. Don’t worry if you have a nagging feeling that you’re missing out if you broaden your exploration further afield. Something is missing, yes, and you have determined that you will find it. The path leading you there is an inner one. Stay attuned to the stars for navigation in the twilight.

LODESTONE: Queen of Cups

Did you forget that the one thing that’s missing is something you possess within? You always have. Remember, and reconnect. You’re holding the secret that will let you make sense of everything. All you have to do is to decode what’s in your own heart. This takes some discipline, and a willingness to divert your attention from what may or may not happen in the future. In turning to gaze at the crucible of your own heart, you will discover the distillation of what you have sought. You have in your hand that final piece to bring sense to what you have been seeking to understand. Honor your inner knowing. Crown yourself with that honoring. The depths of what has come to be from a grand and turbulent consciousness is there for you to discern. The essence of knowing will unravel all the knots that have had your brain bound up. Let your mind flow freely in regard to what you see within. If you think something is missing, look for it where you can come into alignment with the most divine manifestation of it. Sometimes, knowing that you know is enough to get you to the point of transformation. Look, it has already begun!

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Eight of Swords (reversed)

Keeping your thoughts entrained in the present moment of reflection is a path to getting out of the tangle of argument and web-weaving that’s coming up soon. What’s implanted itself in your mind might need to be unplugged if you are to clear your vision to see clearly what’s next. Moving forward now means breaking free from mental constructs and frameworks of belief. If you find yourself being caught in a tangle of logic and opinion, like Justice be blind and let the cards fall where they may. Let your intuition remain your guide, and you will find your way to freedom. Victim no longer, you are free from being held hostage by anyone else’s decipherment of reality. Opinions cannot hold you locked into something you no longer believe about yourself. The time has come for reinvention, and you are bound to be unbound. What held you cannot hold. What has been hidden will be known. Your way to freedom has been won… by you.

Victim no longer, you are free from being held hostage by anyone else's decipherment of reality. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X

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