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Rise and Be Counted

Summary: Are you prepared to see that you have the very thing that will turn everything in your favor? Right now you have the balance-piece that breaks the spell and allows you to see Nemesis smiling at your cleverness. Thus you rise, magnificent and eternal soul, carrying the grounding-rod that brings new life to your reality and shines as an example of what a human being is capable of seeing within. From the pause of equipoise will spring the soul’s voice ready to greet the approach of time. Patterns may present themselves, but you have the help of heaven at hand, and the light of love as your talisman. Doubt not, and let your voice rise.

Six of Pentacles (reversed) — The Empress — Page of Rods

nine's path pleiadian tarot weekly reading

FOUNDATION: Six of Pentacles (reversed)

You can look with relief at last week’s calendar page. While the time comes for balancing amends with seeming regularity, you can’t help kick the nagging sensation that something, this time, is different. Where you are perhaps used to being in a position of owing or seeing things work out a certain age-old way, if you keep a sharp eye out, you may find some leakage in the coffers. Secrets and benefits are being released, as no more can justice put into balance an upside-down state of affairs. Does this surprise you? If it doesn’t, it might surprise the person next to you. You might want to pay attention to what’s happening instead of keeping your attention fixed on the magical talisman held in front of your nose. In fact, if you do tear your eyes away, you may notice that you have the power within you to turn matters into your own favor, benefiting all, harming none. The red line separating you from a new world is thinning into transparency. The beacon draws your attention to the source of all good things. If you’re ready to step out of the corner, you can find Nemesis’s happy countenance greeting you for figuring out the way.

LODESTONE: The Empress

Have you the equipoise to relax? Can you find within you the wherewithal to block out the glare of the hazily dissipating light? Nothing holds a candle to the brilliance you possess within your own sovereign self, especially when you lay claim to the point of life that you have so uniquely embodied. From your self-understanding flows the bounty of your life experience. Reflect now on your reflection, and with honesty and fairness see the reign of self-empowerment rise within you. As you do, you will see the reflection of glory all around. This is the boundary between you and the false light that surrounds so much of this world. This is the source of life that you are quite naturally in communion with. You can relax and hold your power with the ease of one born to be without apology. From the stars themselves do you draw the light of heaven into the form of manifest expression of your love for this world, and the world responds in kind. Be grounded and steadfast in your celestial connection, and abundant in the way in which you deliver that which is given. It is a moment to see the truth within yourself.


As an age-old pattern prepares to reintegrate itself into the framework of world affairs and personal realities everywhere, the time has come for you to connect with like souls both earthbound and celestial. Greet the future with the pure power of one who has grounded themselves in the light that does not waver. An embodiment of the eternal light are you, and in the moment that prepares to make itself known, that light is called upon to answer the voice of time. Make yourself known in this now-moment, and feel the energy rising from the earth in promise of life and strength. While history cuts through the fabric between what has been and what is to be, you are on the cusp of the knife’s edge. Help will answer the call from the heart that knows its light is sourced in love, joy, and trust. You wear the emblems of lifetimes journeying through the landscapes of time; now you are coming to the moment in which your voice is heard without obstruction. Guidance answers.


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    Hi Maryann. I deleted my fb page and migrated to mewe. Sharing your posts in stars eels and old sous group there. I miss talking to you sis! I want you to join me on MeWe, the Next-Gen Social Network. No Ads. No Tracking. No BS:

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    Sorry about auto correct errors should have said “starseeds and old souls” above


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